African style

African style is an ethnic style that helps to create a warm, atmospheric and at the same time simple environment. Distinctive features - laconicism, versatility, warm colors, bright objects.

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African style interior

The African-style interior has the following characteristics:

  • closeness to nature;
  • the floor is made of stone, parquet with stone imitation (can be supplemented with a warm floor system);
  • bamboo slabs, water-based paint, plain wallpaper, suspended structure as a ceiling;
  • walls are covered with wallpaper, bamboo panels, tiles, mosaics;
  • one of the walls can be a striking detail.

African style in the interior with a photo: the choice of decor

An African-style bedroom is created using delicious tones:

  • terracotta;
  • gold;
  • orange;
  • ocher;
  • beige;
  • yellow;
  • red;
  • chocolate.

Black in African-style bedroom design is essential for contrast.

African style in the interior with a photo assumes the obligatory use of decor. A good option is ceramic objects, rough clay images, decorative utensils, tree bark (especially as a basis for crafts).

You can buy paintings in African style and use them as the main decor. The room will be completely transformed. Topics can be different: animal, vegetable, non-standard geometry.

African style in the interior gives comfort, warmth, closeness to nature. The ethnic trend is surprisingly functional and comfortable.

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In the design of the living room, bedroom, hallway in African style, an abundance of textiles is required. Preference is given to fabrics with the image of animal fur or reptile skin. Bamboo blinds and linen curtains are hung on the windows.

Natural wood of dark noble colors is the best option for furniture. It is also possible to use braided patterns. For an African-style living room, a rattan set, consisting of a minimal set of furniture, is well suited. And for a bedroom, it is enough to use a bed, wardrobe, side tables.

An African-style kitchen requires you to hide the technique or select models that are suitable for the design. For example, black items will blend in with the overall vibrant design. Tableware (preferably made of clay or wood), thematic figurines, spectacular masks can serve as decor. In an African-style office, stuffed animals are acceptable, but only if they fit harmoniously into the overall design. In other rooms, they are considered bad manners.

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