American style in the interior

merican style in the interior is the maximum freedom for design. There are no clear boundaries, requirements or restrictions. The design can be catchy and chic, or, conversely, modest and budget.

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The American style of the interior is a combination of motives of European, African and Oriental trends, eclecticism, ultramodernity and traditional trends of all eras and years. The direction is characterized by collectiveness, presentability of times, functionality, simplicity, naturalness of colors and shapes.

The direction is characterized by:

  • budgetary zone lighting with the help of table light sources, floor lamps and sconces, a chandelier is the prerogative of the living room exclusively;
  • the effect of imitation of luxury, when artificial and cheaper ones are used instead of natural materials;
  • zoning by means of partitions, niches, through shelves, so that 2-3 functional zones are obtained in one room at once;
  • furniture is placed in the center, not near the walls.

American style kitchen

American-style kitchens are by far the most recognizable. They are distinguished by:

  • a cooking island in the center and cabinets against the walls for convenience;
  • state-of-the-art technology, including minor details for maximum comfort;
  • calm and restrained color scheme of several shades;
  • separate dining room;
  • accessories as a highlight.

At the same time, the American interior is divided into style subspecies: classic, country and modern. Each has its own subtleties, but the qualities described above make all areas of the American style similar.

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American style house

An American-style home is a practical, functional, beautiful dream. It is important to know the subtleties of the design of each room.

American style kitchens

American style cuisine is represented by:

  • light shades;
  • porcelain stoneware, parquet, tiles, paint, plastic and MDF panels;
  • matte set, mainly in the shape of the letter L;
  • modern technology;
  • own cooking island.

American style room for a teenager

The American style room for a teenager has the following features:

  • furniture is placed not close to the wall, but in the central part;
  • racks, high neat chests of drawers, shelves are installed near the walls;
  • furnishings – usually products in the direction of the English classics, are distinguished by regular shapes and high functionality;
  • finishing – plain or with modest patterns paper wallpaper.

American-style teen rooms are a combination of limited furnishings, hobby paraphernalia and neutral (often dark) finishes.

American style bedroom

American-style bedroom – practicality, attractiveness, comfort. Main features:

  • light decor;
  • furniture in dark wood colors;
  • pastel and neutral finishes.

They use a massive bed of a classic rectangular shape, often with an addition in the form of a soft headboard. Sideboards and chest of drawers are important paraphernalia. The decor is done using paintings, floor lamps, fresh flowers and posters.

Living room in American style

The American style living room is used for family and friends gatherings. Mandatory furniture set:

  • roomy sofa;
  • chest of drawers;
  • armchairs (on average 2–4 pieces);
  • Coffee table.

The living room of an American-style house is made predominantly light. Used laminate, pastel wallpaper. Apply a stretch ceiling or simply plaster it. Furniture is usually used as vibrant color accents. The windows are completed with a wooden frame, without curtains or with roman blinds.

American style in the interior of the bathroom

The American style in the interior of the bathroom is plastic panels, mosaic decor and light paint. The space is used rationally, preferring a shower cabin instead of a bath. Often a room is combined with a bathroom. Faucets, lamps, mirrors, towel holders, glass containers and flowers are used as decor.

The American-style interior pleasantly surprises with its flexibility and versatility. It turns out to be effective, as from a picture, as functional and harmonious as possible.

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