Arabic style in the interior

The Arabic style in the interior is a subspecies of the eastern direction. Synonyms are sophistication, luxury and fairy tale. Like other types of Oriental art, it is important to strictly follow the rules (including those prescribed by Islam), adhere to long-term traditions and use hand-made decor.

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Arabic interior: main features

The Arabian interior compares favorably with other design directions. Its base is the following five traits:

  • wealth and luxury of decoration;
  • a variety of textiles and details, including curtains, curtains, carpets and hand-made products;
  • the lines are soft, the shapes are domed;
  • colors are saturated, bright, especially lilac, red, golden, green, blue are held in high esteem.

Images and statues of living beings in the Arabian style are taboo.

Bedroom in Arabic style with photo

Very often, a bedroom is decorated in an Arabic style and a photo is a confirmation of this. The room demonstrates the richness of colors, brightness, saturation, traditional ornaments and decor elements. To decorate a room in the Arabic style, it is worth considering the following necessary distinctive features:

  • an abundance of light is a necessity, Anel, Medina, Keshmar lamps and a Damascus chandelier will do;
  • bed: massive and with a canopy;
  • excess textiles such as brocade, organza, velvet, silk, moire;
  • decorative pillows are one of the main decorative elements, and they should be everywhere;
  • flooring – natural materials, and on top – chic fleecy carpets;
  • doors, windows and niches are arched;
  • furniture surprises with its massiveness and carved patterns;
  • on all surfaces, patterns are made in a floral or geometric style;
  • ceilings should be high to achieve a feeling of lightness, freedom and airiness.

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The most advantageous bedroom will look in orange, burgundy, deep purple, brown, yellow, beige, amber, green, turquoise and gold tones. In addition to the bed, it is worth using poufs, partitions, screens and floor lamps for atmosphere and functionality.

The Arabic-style interior is distinctive and unique. It is not just a home decoration, but a way of expressing a way of life. The main thing is not ostentatious luxury, but the designer’s ability to achieve its visibility.

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