Art Deco: sunburst style

Art Deco is an extremely popular contemporary style. Actors, artists, directors and other creative people prefer this style. It is chosen by people striving for sophistication and luxury in all their manifestations. Art Deco style in the interior differs from the rest in its elitism and originality.

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Art Deco interior: main features

The Art Deco style is an interweaving of various trends: from Egyptian motives to Assyrian architectural traditions, from Empire to Cubism. For such a variety, it was initially even called “Streamlined Modernity”. The main features of the style are the complete absence of artificial materials and modern motives.
An art deco interior can be easily identified by its angularity, sharpness, clear geometry, and abstraction. You cannot find smooth lines or floral elements here, but stylized ones are present:

• zigzags;
• the lights of a sun;
• multistage;
• trapezoidal shape;
• broken lines;
• light stripes alternating with dark ones;
• contour-frame framing.

The Art Deco color palette uses neutral shades in grays, whites, silvers, beige, browns, metallic and black. With light strokes, without standing out from the main ones, green, blue, gold, red and burgundy paints appear. An even calm range of colors does not strain the eyes, but contributes to the enjoyment of a chic design solution.

Art Deco bedroom - bright, spacious and clean

In an Art Deco style, the bedroom is a balance between classic chic and elegant modern. Soft shapes, contrasting colors, gilding or silver, heavy curtains are conducive to complete relaxation surrounded by exquisite splendor. Multi-level lighting and fabric draperies bring coziness and romance into the atmosphere of the bedroom.

Art Deco in the interior is embodied through the use of:
• natural and inlaid wood;
• natural leather, zebra skins;
• glass;
• aluminum, stainless steel;
• glossy ceramic or stone slabs;
• surfaces covered with varnish.

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Furnishing a luxury bedroom

An art deco bedroom is, first of all, a chic, spacious and comfortable bed, covered with a beautiful bedspread. Not only the soft headboard is decorated, but the entire area around it. Furniture items are made of wood or metal and have cone-shaped edges.

The selection of furniture colors is carried out in accordance with the color of the walls. The lighter the walls, the darker the pieces of furniture, and vice versa. A dressing table and ottomans or an armchair of unconventional shapes are indispensable elements of the room. The art deco interior allows the presence of a chest of drawers or shelves of an original design.

Decorating, art deco bedroom decor

Mirrors are one of the main elements of the bedroom decor. They bring a sense of freedom, light space. The art deco bedroom visually becomes larger thanks to mirrors:

  • on cabinet doors;
  • in the sleeping area (mirrors in the form of sun rays);
  • above the dressing table (large mirror).

Art deco bedroom walls are decorated with collages, mosaics, decorative patterns, stickers. A few pictures hanging on the walls are allowed. Stucco molding is placed on the ceiling – in the corners or as a frame for a crystal chandelier.

Art Deco kitchen: luxury and practicality

An expensive and sophisticated interior, which should be filled with an art deco kitchen, requires a lot of space. In order to successfully implement the design idea, it is worth combining the kitchen area with the hallway or living room. And you can separate them using tiles of different shades on the floor.

Clear geometric lines and shapes are the best solution to reveal the art deco style in the interior of the kitchen. The main rules for designing the space of the kitchen area:

  • using only light colors;
  • mirrors in any quantity;
  • original luxurious chandelier;
  • the use of gilding;
  • elegant refined dining furniture group;
  • using only expensive natural materials.

An art deco kitchen should be glossy and light. Therefore, it is worth using shiny lacquered surfaces. An excellent solution would be a mirrored ceiling.

Art Deco apartment: expression and elegance

Why is art deco interior so popular? Because he reveals beauty to man. This style allows you to live in luxury and enjoy life, taking pleasure in comfortable and beautiful things.

Art deco in the interior of the living room

The center of aesthetic pleasure is an art deco living room. It uses figurines depicting dancing girls, drawings and paintings with any images. The windows are decorated with heavy velvet or satin curtains.

Art Deco sofas are a true work of art: chic, handcrafted. Most often they are made from exotic woods. The contradictions between the clear geometric shapes of the furniture and the light sliding lines of the upholstery designs add a sense of incredibility.

Art deco style in the living room interior involves a combination of contrasting tones of dark pieces of furniture against a background of plain light walls. The combination of metal with glass, wood with textiles perfectly reveals the unpredictability of design decisions. A large number of antique objects delicately remind: art is eternal.

An art deco apartment is a cozy and comfortable island in which everything breathes luxury, nobility, and real art. Such housing will become an object of admiration for guests and an indicator of the refined taste of its owner.

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