Baroque style is luxury

Baroque is a style that impresses with originality, luxury and grandeur. The aristocratic trend was created to demonstrate wealth, status and power, to show the impeccable taste of the owner of the interior. Distinctive features - theatricality, pomp and some dynamism.

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Baroque style in the interior: defining features

The baroque style in the interior is based on the following features.

  1. The main thing is the abundance of free space for creativity. Rooms should have high ceilings, decor in the form of statues and columns, stucco and monograms, stained glass windows and monumental painting is required.
  2. The color scheme should be rich. The preferred colors are blue, brown, burgundy, green, terracotta, but the most famous combination is white and gold. It is possible to replace snow-white with pastel colors: beige, peach, sand. Color combinations should be contrasting.
  3. The ceiling should be a natural continuation of the ceiling covering with decoration in the form of paintings, stucco moldings, frescoes. An obligatory element is a chic chandelier (ideally a crystal one with graceful pendants). Original features – luxury for display and richness of decoration.
  4. In the design of the walls, wallpaper or other coating with the effect of embossing, silk-screen printing, monograms is appropriate. The optimal combination will be moldings, gilded stucco moldings, inserts from marble or mirrors, frescoes. Moreover, you can use a combination of materials: light plaster with massive gilded decor, mirror surfaces and stucco moldings, light wallpaper with silk-screen printing and massive stucco frames, etc.
  5. The floors should be a harmonious addition to the Baroque style. It is possible to use a laminate with wood patterns, parquet boards, tiles imitating granite and marble, or better – natural materials. Additionally, carpets with interesting patterns are used. In general, the floor should look chic, but not draw attention to itself.

Baroque style with a photo: subtleties of design

The baroque style in the photo looks majestic and attracts everyone’s eyes.

Furniture acts as the finishing touch to the design. It must be skillful and uniquely designed. As a decoration, it is appropriate to use beautiful textiles, mosaics, carvings or gilding. Exquisite gilded fittings, hand-embroidered textiles, velvet or silk upholstery, inlaid with valuable stone or wood species are required. Depending on the room, you cannot do without:

  • dining tables with impressive worktops and attractive carvings;
  • branded chairs with carved legs;
  • huge beds on the podium and with canopies;
  • large armchairs and sofas with luxurious textiles;
  • dressers, coffee and dressing tables.

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Decorations are recognized pieces of art such as:

  • sculptures of cherubs;
  • paintings by legendary artists;
  • sculptures in antique style;
  • china;
  • floor vases;
  • hand-made tapestries;
  • a huge mirror in a massive gilded frame with monograms.

The pompous baroque style in a modern interior also needs the use of textiles. These are massive curtains, necessarily expensive, lush and somewhat theatrical. It is appropriate to use as an alternative Austrian lambrequins and heavy double curtains on the hooks.

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