Boho style in interior design

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boho style

The boho style is an amazing combination of eclecticism and fun, done according to artistic and creative taste, not according to a prepared plan. This entourage is combined with freedom, uniqueness, lack of boundaries, requirements. A real boho style is a thoughtful disorganization with a mass of colors, textures, materials. This is a chance to do the possible from the impossible.

What is boho style in the interior?

Boho means “gypsy” in translation. This word originated in Bohemia, even if today it is the territory of the Czech Republic, but once there were many gypsies living there. This entourage reflected the people represented, their liberty, freedom, lack of rules. In the 19th century, this word was used to call artists and creators.

The boho style in the interior has one main motto – “combine the uncombined”. Things of two and three tastes can be quietly in the rooms, but it is important to choose them correctly. Boho interiors require the entire space to be overloaded with things, and all sorts of trinkets should hang on the walls.

The essence of boho chic style

The main goal of the boho chic style is to create an inspiring and relaxing atmosphere. The furnishing of the apartment should provoke the owner to create and create something new. It is important that the interior is not heavy, comfortable furniture with deep armchairs and wide sofas. There are no exact rules for decorating the boho-chic style in the interior. It is necessary to create, relying on imagination.

The presented entourage is inherent in citizens who like to travel and bring all kinds of accessories from abroad. It is also suitable for those who like to collect peculiar items.

The main features include:

  1. Mixing styles. Lack of clear frameworks and rules. This is an opportunity to develop an individual design project.
  2. Natural paints. Natural finishes and shades create a pleasant atmosphere.
  3. Abundance of textiles. If you look at the boho chic style of the photo , you can see an abundance of pillows, bedspreads. This trend says: the more textiles and decor, the better.
  4. Hand-made things. These can be toys, crafts, napkins. The main thing is that there are things that are made with your own hands.
  5. Lack of similarity with styles. The furnishings can be combined with other styles: new things with antiques or oriental with western.

Boho style photo of shades in the interior

Considering the boho photo style on the Internet , it is difficult not to pay attention to the presence of contrasting and bright colors in one room. Even in shades, all objects in the room will look like a single picture.

When decorating a boho chic interior , preference is often given to the following paints:

  • chocolate, gray and blue;
  • mustard, black, gray and cream;
  • dark blue and bright coral;
  • purple, lavender, plum blossom.

Apartment in boho style

Experienced designers know a large number of ways that instantly convey the mood of the entourage to the room. A bohostyle apartment is a kind of solution, but you need to remember that rooms are not decorated in the same way. What is suitable for the living room is no longer combined in the bedroom, and vice versa.

Boho style bedroom

Making out the territory for sleeping, you can not choose shocking and variegated colors. A boho-style bedroom can be done in beige, blue. Bright hues can be a complement.

In the center of the room should be a spacious bed with pillows, bedspreads and a canopy. Curtains will make her fit to relax.

It is better to choose bedding with an aesthetic picture, but a standard linen set is also suitable. The main thing is to supplement it with pillows and carpets. From the decor I will come up with images and flowers in pots.

Boho style kitchen

A bohostyle kitchen is not just a territory where food is prepared, it is a place where any colors are combined. A cozy area for relaxation and home gatherings is being created. Plain paint or plaster is applied to the wall, wood or ceramic tiles to the floor. An important detail is the rug. Better to be knitted or woven.

In the form of furniture, they choose rough sideboards, soft multi-colored poufs. The kitchen is decorated with a variety of jars, magazines, blanks and other utensils. Innovative technology and chrome-plated components do not fit into this ambience.

Boho style living room

In the living room, boho chic style will help apartment owners create a small copy of the museum. It is important to avoid dullness and minimalism. There are no requirements for wall covering, you can choose paint, brick, wallpaper, plaster.

A comfortable sofa and an abundance of pillows are chosen from the furniture. The soft corner is complemented by bright armchairs, poufs and an unusual coffee table. In the form of cabinet furniture, vintage elements are ideal. You also need to put bedspreads, curtains, family relics, souvenirs and hand-made things in the room.

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Boho style decor for an apartment

Textiles and decoration in the presented entourage are the primary accessories, but their choice must be approached responsibly. When choosing boho-style decor , you can use:

  • lamps;
  • figurines;
  • colorful frames, paintings;
  • antiques;
  • various crafts;
  • herbarium, plastic bouquets;
  • magazines.

The presented items are located on window sills, shelves, chairs. Souvenirs brought from abroad will look exclusive and colorful. Pictures and crafts made of wood with your own hands also look good.

Curtains and standard partitions for zoning are sewn from textiles. On sofas and chairs, there are fabric capes from the original ornament. Armchairs and pillows are also made from fabrics.

When decorating the atmosphere, different tablecloths, blankets, bedspreads are used. They can be decorated with embroidery, ribbon, rhinestones. It is also important to have carpets on the floor or walls. Massive heavy fabrics with rich shades are chosen to decorate the furnishings. Silk, satin, velvet will do. The design, texture of fabrics and shade are chosen by the owner of the apartment.

Boho style interior is an eccentric and bright environment that allows the owner of the house to experiment and show individuality. This is an excellent choice for courageous people who are not used to living in clear frames and strict rules.

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