Chalet style features in the interior of houses and apartments

The chalet style was born in the decoration of country houses in the French Alps. Chalet means the shepherd's house. Since the ancestors of the interior were ordinary shepherds and hunters, the style reflects their way of life: natural natural colors, natural materials, a minimum of decorative ornaments and warm light.

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Chalet-style house features

Chalet-style houses were built for relaxation after a long stay in the fresh air of the mountain plains. Therefore, their distinctive features are:

  • the predominance of stone and wood finishes to visually give the house and interior the outlines of nature;
  • shepherding and hunting are not the most profitable professions, so there was little furniture in their houses, the interior in the chalet style was simple and cozy;
  • brown, beige, walnut, gray, milky, olive, light green, all shades of wood are the main colors of the chalet interior;
  • large windows fill the house with air and natural light;
  • elements from genuine leather and fur – furniture, poufs, pillows.

Chalet style house project

House designs in the style of a chalet are popular in ski resorts, for out-of-town recreation and hunting estates. In the chalet interior there are no bright spots and details that irritate the eye, everything breathes in it with calmness, relaxation and comfort.

Interior wall decoration – rough, light walls can be fully or partially covered with wood or stone. It is important that the materials are real, not a glossy imitation. The floors are covered with stone slabs, laminate, stone or wood imitation tiles. The chalet-style country house has high ceilings and lots of wooden beams.

All elements of the chalet-style house project have a sloppy look, the details are not slicked and not brought to a perfect shine.

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Chalet-style facade decoration

The chalet-style facade of the house is bright and recognizable. Stylistic features:

  • the roof is gable, it was designed taking into account the peculiarities of the weather in the mountains, a steep slope retains warmth in winter and protects it from being covered with snow;
  • stone foundation – a reliable foundation for the structure;
  • balcony, porch, attic – for relaxing with a book or a cup of tea;
  • the chalet-style facade is cut through by large windows with wood veins or beams;
  • wooden beams – originally served as a support for the house, now only decor;
  • color contrasts – a dark roof stands out against the background of white walls with veined beams, frames a small chalet house with a gray foundation made of natural stone.

Chalet style in the interior with photo examples

Interior of the house in chalet style it’s just wood furniture with simple shapes, natural textiles, plain bright colors of nature, a minimum of decoration and paintings. Furniture is chosen to match the tone of the entire room, sofas, armchairs and a bed are decorated with soft fur pillows and blankets of not bright colors. The modern technique is stylized by surrounding it with wooden frames.

Chalet-style design is permeated with the attributes of the work of its founders – animal skins, horns, photo frames made of branches, there are forged elements (candlesticks, stair railings).

Chalet style bathroom – wood paneled with stone elements. The bathroom can be marble, ceramic or light-colored stone. Neatly folded white towels, candles, and a round mirror are cozy notes.

Chalet style living room

The chalet style living room is a spacious room, not separated from the kitchen. Here the fireplace is the center: it can be lined with stone or wood, with a wrought iron grate or modern glass trim. A chalet-style fireplace is an integral part of the living room, surrounded by a sofa and lounge chairs. The serenity of the living room is given by upholstered furniture, a wooden coffee table, the presence of shelves with books, a massive chest of drawers and wooden cabinets.

Chalet style kitchen

In chalet-style houses, the kitchen is part of the living room; this area is separated by a bar counter or a separate working area of ​​a kitchen set. All furniture is made of real wood in light shades and in the same color scheme as the living room. Appliances – built into wardrobes and hidden from view. Natural or artificial stone countertops. The walls are decorated with shelves with clay crockery, and kitchen utensils can be hung on the ceiling beams.

Chalet style bedroom

Challet style bedroom – a bright sitting area with a bed, bedside tables, armchair and TV. Necessarily skin on the floor and fur pillows at the head of the bed. The bedroom windows are framed by heavy light curtains made of natural fabric.

Features of the chalet in the interior of the apartment

The interior of the chalet in the apartment has lower ceilings, so there are no ceiling beams. An artificial fireplace is used. All other features are observed: light colors, simple furniture, leather and fur elements.

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