Interior in a modern classic style

The classic interior is distinguished by two main features - elegant luxury and practical functionality. An elegant direction is easily introduced into a living space or office, emphasizing the consistency, taste and status of the owners.

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Classic style interior

The classic interior is characteristically different from other styles. It will turn out to be recognized by the following features:

  • high-quality, expensive, natural materials;
  • pastel and calm colors, including beige, gold, brown, olive, milky;
  • natural wood furniture without curls, a good choice – antique;
  • upholstery in cotton, velvet, silk in deep pure shades;
  • a chandelier made of crystal or forged parts, sconces;
  • decor that has historical or artistic value.

House in classic style: choice of finishes

The classic style house looks luxurious. When choosing a finish, you need to act responsibly. Anything artificial, cheap, low-quality is taboo. Allowed:

  • parquet from natural valuable wood;
  • marble tiles or an analogue made according to Italian technologies;
  • friezes, stucco on the ceiling;
  • decorative plaster, fabric, high-quality wallpaper as wall covering.

Additionally, it is worth using columns, half-columns, so that the interior really looks like a palace.

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Classic style apartment: emphasis on decorative

The classic-style apartment looks amazing, and special attention is paid to the decor:

  • porcelain figurines;
  • candlesticks made of silver or bronze;
  • valuable sculptures;
  • mirrors in massive antique or gilded frames;
  • antiques;
  • paintings by famous masters;
  • stone sculptures;
  • wool or silk carpet.

Renovation in a classic style with a photo

Renovation in a classic style with a photo is not the most affordable pleasure. All items are expensive, respectable and with a traditional touch. This direction never loses its relevance and does not become outdated.

Classic kitchen

A classic style kitchen solves the following main tasks:

  • preservation of the functional component;
  • design according to the classical canons.

The ideal choice is built-in appliances, or better, options stylized as classic models. The functions are the same, and the design fits gently into the design.

Kitchen sets are chosen from natural wood, such as cherry or oak. The table top can be stone or marble.

If the area is spacious, use a kitchen island to separate the dining room from the cooking area. And it is also an opportunity to get a functional addition for the convenience of cooking.

Classic style bedroom

Classic style bedroom – a spacious bed, complemented by a decorative, carved headboard. A chest of drawers, dressing table, bedside tables and a bench are important additions. All products are selected in a single style to achieve harmony and symmetry.

Textiles are chosen of high quality, natural and textured. The ideal choice is natural silk.

Lighting is best done in two scenarios. The first is a spectacular chandelier, the second is table lamps or sconces.

Living room in classic style

Living room in a classic style – laconic, calm, austere, but not pretentious. Emphasizing the prestige and status of the owners of the premises is the task of individual details.

The color scheme is light and pastel, which should be in the foreground, for example, cream, milky or woody. And color accents are easy to create with:

  • terracotta;
  • emerald;
  • wine;
  • blue;
  • grape;
  • sapphire.

The best furniture option is wooden classics. In other words, mirrored wardrobes, post-Soviet headsets, glass-chrome shelving are taboo. You can choose from dressers, sideboards, coffee tables of rectangular or round shape, armchairs and sofas upholstered in noble fabrics. Panels, mirrors, valuable paintings, clocks, candlesticks can serve as decor.

Classic bathroom

A classic-style bathroom is designed taking into account the following rules:

  • natural stone, ceramic tiles or marble as a finishing wall material;
  • plumbing should be stylized in this direction in order to achieve overall harmony in the interior design;
  • a mirror is an obligatory element, but you need to be careful with the choice of place; the combination with a sconce looks interesting to expand the room and place accents.

The classic style is appropriate in any room. With its help, you can create a chic office, a cozy library and even decorate an attic. The main thing is to take into account the subtleties and rules of direction.

The classic style in the interior is an indicator of luxury and wealth, a sense of style and status. It looks noble, aristocratic, and every detail has value.

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