How to decorate a country house

Country style is an interesting design solution that will suit those who strive for rustic tranquility and comfort, but, at the same time, are accustomed to modernity. Despite the fact that the design of the home is made in a rural spirit, various innovations and gadgets harmoniously fit into such an interior. Features of the direction are simplicity, originality and functionality, as well as the use of environmentally friendly materials.

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Country style in the interior

In a rural style, dachas or country houses are usually decorated; all rooms are equipped in this theme. Bold and creative people use country-style for the design of city apartments. Not all rooms can be decorated in this spirit, but only one of the rooms. The most suitable country style in the interior of the living room, hallway, bedroom, you can often find country style in the kitchen. The main principles include:

  • natural colors;
  • natural materials;
  • an abundance of textiles;
  • the use of furniture “in the old fashioned way”;
  • modest decoration of rooms;
  • rune-work accessories;
  • rectilinear forms.

This style has many currents and is associated with the ethnic specificity of a particular nation. Therefore, before you transform your home, you need to decide which color and culture of which people should prevail. In each country, country music has features:

  • important decor elements in America – a cowboy hat, leather furniture, animal skins, or even a hunting trophy on the wall;
  • the country-style interior in England is characterized by a large number of textiles: furniture and walls are upholstered with fabric, window curtains are multi-layered;
  • in the French style, the highlight is the floral print of tulles, tablecloths, decoupage of furniture;
  • a feature of the German country is the use of heavy forged parts;
  • Italian is characterized by wooden, stone, wicker elements, as well as an abundance of arched forms.

Despite its diversity, country music is an independent trend. Its main components are comfort, a cozy romantic atmosphere, the theme of nature and fauna. What it is, the country style in the interior is easier to understand from the photo.

Country style in the interior: details and photos

The color scheme is dominated by a palette of natural shades. More often used beige, coffee, peach, brown, olive, lavender, mint. Country-style in the interior does not allow artificial variegated colors, excludes chrome elements, pretentious elements, neon lighting.

For a rustic style, they choose natural natural materials for furniture and small decorative elements. Modest decoration of the premises is characteristic, walls and floors are monochromatic or with a wood pattern.

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Country style in the kitchen or dining room

Windows, kitchen doorways are decorated with textiles, the floor is tiled, wall processing is simple and unobtrusive. The use of plastic, glass countertops, linoleum is not allowed. Country style in the interior of the kitchen is achieved by lighting: during the day, the room should be illuminated by sunlight, in the dark, the lighting should be dim.

The country-style kitchen will be complemented by a large wooden sideboard. Kitchen appliances and gadgets are built into furniture whenever possible. Walls and shelves are decorated with colorful dishes, painted plates, ceramics, fresh flowers. In a country-style kitchen, vintage is welcome.

Country style in the bedroom: photo and description

The bedroom should be especially cozy and warm – a country style interior is perfect for this. Decorate the room with pillows, photographs in wooden frames, fabric lampshades. The country style in the bedroom interior will be complemented by porcelain sconces, candle light bulbs, a floor lamp.

The country style of the bedroom, as seen in the photo, makes the room light, cozy and laconic. This is achieved thanks to a calm color palette, simple surface cladding. It is better to whitewash or sheathe the ceiling in the bedroom with wood. Align and plaster the walls, you can decorate with wallpaper with floral prints or floral patterns.

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