Rustic kitchen: creating a rustic interior

The rustic-style kitchen has its own characteristics, moreover, it does not at all look like the usual kitchen of a city apartment. This design is quite simple and minimalistic. Warmth emanates from him, as well as pleasant memories.

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Rustic kitchen: decorating tips

To convey the desired atmosphere in the kitchen, you should understand which materials are best used for finishing the floor, walls, and ceiling. The most successful option for finishing the floor will be stone, tiles or wooden boards. If you have little money, replace these materials with parquet, laminate, linoleum or porcelain stoneware.

As for the walls, preference should be given to such materials:

  • paint;
  • decorative plaster;
  • wooden panels;
  • wallpaper;
  • brick.

The ceiling of a rustic kitchen is usually decorated with:

  • whitewash;
  • tree;
  • a combination of whitewash and wood;
  • panel tension.

It is undesirable to cheapen the rustic style with artificial materials. Glossy surfaces, plastic decorative elements or too modern dishes will turn your idea into something different.

Rustic interior: the main design features

You can always create a rustic style in the interior with your own hands or with the help of specialists. To do this, you need to know what are the main features it stands out.

  1. Natural materials are used.
  2. Calm, restrained tones are involved.
  3. Furniture items are made “semi-antique”.
  4. The design of curtains or tablecloths usually has natural prints, cages, peas.

In addition, a lot of textiles are added like tablecloths, towels, pillows, oven mitts.

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What else can be added to a rustic kitchen

It is almost impossible to decorate a rustic interior without such decorations as snow-white openwork napkins, tea sets made in red peas. As a decor item, multi-colored nesting dolls are often used. Complete your kitchen by placing a large samovar on the table. Such an element will add even more antiquity.

Rustic style in the interior with your own hands: what you need to know

It is absolutely not difficult to create an interior in a rustic style on your own today. A fireplace can be installed in the living room, instantly attracting the attention of both guests and the household themselves. Place a sofa or armchairs with natural upholstery in front of it. It can be linen, cotton, any other material. You can sew pillowcases yourself. When deciding to decorate a rustic style in the interior with your own hands, use lamps that emit warm light. A rustic bedroom looks great with a wooden bed, colored linens, light curtains, bright elements, pea or cage prints.

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