Oriental interior and its features

The oriental interior is unique and distinctive, it smells like a fairy tale. The setting is an impressive combination of creative ideas and cultural characteristics of the East. It is always a luxurious atmosphere, exquisite decor, warm colors.

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Interior features

The main features of the eastern direction:

  • space zoning is performed with curtains, partitions and columns;
  • metal, wood and textiles are used as decoration materials;
  • an abundance of decor – a must: mosaic, ornaments, carvings, patterns;
  • furniture is used to a minimum – all attention to the decor;
  • the main colors are red, white, gold, beige, and additional colors for accents are blue, scarlet, purple, green.

The oriental style in the interior looks functional and laconic, and at the same time, there is versatility, richness and delicate taste.

Oriental style kitchen

An oriental kitchen will definitely become a favorite place. In the design, you should adhere to the following rules:

  • only natural shades are permissible, but in a rich color, the best options are green and brown;
  • curtains, screens, modest partitions will help to zone the space;
  • door and window openings, niches are decorated with arches;
  • the ceiling is made in the form of a dome;
  • there should not be rectangular shapes and clear lines;
  • finishing materials – only natural.

It is important to remember that the smaller the footage of the kitchen, the calmer they make the interior. The oriental style offers many options, so you can always find an alternative.

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Bathroom in oriental style

An oriental bathroom is an environment where maximum relaxation and rest are guaranteed. The following subtleties are appropriate in the design.

  1. The ceiling is decorated with waterproof paints or drywall. It is possible to use plaster onlays, moldings and stucco moldings as decor.
  2. For walls, a great option is tiles, textured plaster (especially with marble chips).
  3. For the floor, use tiles.
  4. Lighting should be bright, and backlighting is appropriate.
  5. The traditional bathroom colors are green, sand and turquoise.
  6. Vessels with long spouts and embossing, lamps made of copper or brass, complemented by stained glass inserts, are perfect as decor.
  7. Plumbing should be stylized. Bedroom in oriental style

An oriental style bedroom is a very warm and comfortable room where you can relax and unwind. The design is dominated by juicy warm shades of purple, bronze, gold, beige, white and their combinations. Textiles in the form of curtains and bed linen are required, as well as rugs, tablecloths and napkins.

An oriental-style bedroom is usually represented by a bed and bedside tables. Dressing table, wardrobe and chest of drawers are acceptable. Often, a small pedestal with an abundance of soft pillows is added to the design for a comfortable stay.

The interior in oriental style is multifaceted, distinctive and very different. The definition includes the traditional design options for all eastern countries, from Morocco to Japan. The common features are brightness, warmth and luxury.

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