Eclecticism in the interior, or how to elegantly combine several design directions

This direction is just a godsend for people who cannot decide on the design due to the fact that they like everything at once. Eclecticism in the interior not only unites several genres, but also allows the designer to create an author's, unique room, which has no analogues.

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Eclectic style - features

The eclectic style itself is based on the use of mixed orientations and the arrangement of decor items, compositions having different origins and relation to various periods of time. When creating eclecticism, designers strive to combine no more than three stylistic directions, connected by a similar color palette, texture, architecture.

Eclectic style, correctly embodied by the designer, looks like a single whole. For example, the empire style is advantageously combined with modern or baroque, it is in perfect harmony with the classics. The main thing is that, looking at the big picture, there is no feeling of contradiction.

Here are the main distinguishing features that characterize the eclectic genre:

  • rounded corners, strict vertical lines;
  • special attention is paid to insignificant elements, it is they who connect all directions together;
  • eclecticism of the interior provides for the use of furniture, whose decorative parts are of different geometries;
  • the pearl of this trend can be called glass or crystal chandeliers and artificial parquet floors;
  • often textile wallpapers (mainly made of silk) are used on the walls, and door and window openings are decorated with heavy fabrics with drapery;
  • in addition to parquet, natural carpets are laid on the floor, and upholstered furniture is complemented by numerous pillows;
  • if the room is decorated with paintings or mirrors, then the frames for them are selected with gilding.

This focus, first of all, brings comfort, convenience and beauty for the inhabitants of a house or apartment, and only then a combination of antiquity with modernity.

Eclectic furniture - combining different eras

For the eclectic genre, furniture also mixes several styles and shades. The most illustrative example of such an environment can be called the sometimes completely unpredictable, unexpected interpretation of familiar forms. For example, a pretentious classic wardrobe is covered with a pattern of small bright colors on a white or red background. Also, one of the main characteristics of this setting is originality, uniqueness. Even the most unimaginable fantasies and bizarre forms will be appropriate here.

It is also worth understanding that an eclectic interior with unusual decoration is not always obliged to create a wow effect. Very often, a laconic, maximum sustained setting is introduced into a classic design. Outwardly, such a room will look rather calm, but it is also an eclectic mix of directions.

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Eclecticism in the interior of the kitchen

An eclectic solution will help the owner of a house or apartment to show his own individuality to the maximum. Eclecticism in the interior of the kitchen will make it possible to achieve uniqueness and originality. The main thing is to adhere to the following recommendations:

  • it is best that all furnishings are in a single color palette;
  • when decorating a room, it is not recommended to use more than four colors;
  • you should not use a lot of decor items, the kitchen must remain convenient, comfortable.

Eclecticism in the interior of the living room

As mentioned above, this direction provides complete freedom of expression. Eclecticism in the interior of the living room will make it possible to combine the following characteristics:

  • the use of multicomponent;
  • the ability to successfully combine an expensive variation with a budget one;
  • incompatible finishing materials will complement each other favorably;
  • it is possible to use whimsical, unusual interior items.


An apartment or a country house, decorated in eclecticism, will always be cozy and lively. He is often chosen by creative personalities, people who do not want to drive themselves into frames, who seek to emphasize their own individuality, to stand out from the crowd. The main thing is to responsibly choose a company that will not only perform high-quality repairs, draw up a competent design project, but also select all suitable interior items.

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