Eco-style in the interior

Eco-style in the interior is one of the ways to convey the mood and feeling that a person has when he gets into the bosom of nature. All thanks to smooth lines, soft shades, muted colors, an abundance of light and space.

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Eco style: main features

Eco style assumes compliance with a number of rules.

  1. Maximum freedom. Tightness is unacceptable, so an excessive amount of decor and things is taboo.
  2. Daylight is abundant, artificial light is organized competently.
  3. Preference is given to natural materials: leather, glass, wood, flax, cotton, stone.
  4. Colors – all natural tones such as greens, marine, sand, beige, etc.
  5. Decor and accessories – fresh flowers and products made from natural materials.

Eco-style kitchen

Eco-style kitchen looks harmonious and pleases with functionality. A prerequisite is the use of environmentally friendly materials, everything artificial is taboo. Other important features of eco-interior design:

  • the use of greenery in the decor of the room;
  • the natural feeling should be in abundance;
  • color palette – tones of nature: grass, sky, water, stone, flowers;
  • there are no prohibitions in the use of decorative elements, but it is better to choose everything living or made by hand, and one of the bright options is a wall carpet with grass;
  • flooring – stone or tiles, it is possible to use a mat or wooden flooring;
  • any materials can be used for the ceiling, the main thing is resistance to moisture, steam and high temperatures;
  • wall covering – wallpaper, plaster or paint;
  • ideal windows – on the entire wall, if this is not possible, light is added by installing additional light sources, preferably a soft diffused yellow color;
  • decor – flower vases, wicker baskets or an aquarium with fish;
  • textiles – lightweight, unobtrusive and not burdening the space;
  • the best furniture is solid wood furniture.

Eco-style in the kitchen helps to achieve the feeling that you are in the bosom of nature, but at the same time there is everything you need for comfortable cooking.

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Eco interior design

Eco-design of the interior requires an abundance of light (large windows and artificial spotlights), free space (a minimum of furniture and decor), natural materials in everything, simplicity and correct geometry. When decorating rooms, you also need to follow some recommendations.

Bedroom in eco-style

A bedroom in eco-style allows you to achieve practicality, comfort and comfortably satisfy everyday needs. The main feature is the maximum closeness to nature. The main features of eco-style in the bedroom:

  • wood, glass, stone – the best material options, as well as other natural ones;
  • the color scheme is selected from natural tones, giving preference to the warmth of shades;
  • an abundance of plants of all varieties and sizes, including giant palms or tiny ficuses;
  • furniture (bed, cabinets, wardrobes, slides, dressers, dressing tables) are selected taking into account functionality and always made of wood (glass or stone inserts are appropriate);
  • the decor can be photo frames, shelves with books, a blanket with an armchair, a rack with souvenirs, table lamps, decorative pillows, wicker baskets, wall baskets;
  • lighting is done in two levels: upper (main) and lower (evening, for example, lamps and sconces), both cold and warm light are acceptable, and painted spotlights can become a bright highlight of the design.

Eco-style in the bedroom looks harmonious and neat.

Eco-style bathroom

Eco-style bathroom is a place where you can enjoy harmony and beauty. At the heart of modern design preferences and principles of the universe, naturalness and purity. The main subtleties of bathroom design:

  • the space is made as free and spacious as possible in order to feel peace and relaxation;
  • finishing materials: tiles, tree bark, bamboo, glass, natural stone, pebbles, limestone, gypsum;
  • lighting is organized thanks to LEDs that compensate for the lack of daylight;
  • the decor is tree cuts, live plants (only able to withstand the atmosphere with sharp temperature changes and high moisture) or artificial flower arrangements;
  • for zoning space, glass partitions (made of thick tempered material) are used, which do not burden the situation;
  • wall covering – photo wallpaper that allows you to visually increase the space, add volume and provide a 3D effect.

Eco-style bathtub – beauty and naturalness. Natural shades prevail in everything. The room turns out to be surprisingly harmonious.

Eco-style in the interior is an opportunity to enjoy a good rest, to get a cozy home, as close as possible to nature. Thanks to this direction, the atmosphere in a house or apartment is harmonious, functional and simple.

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