Empire style in the interior, or how to make a palace out of an apartment

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Features of the Empire style in the interior

Solemnity, splendor and triumph – all these words can be said about the Empire style, which is characterized by luxury and richness of decor. In translation, this name means “empire”, it is this name that best reflects its entire essence. The first steps in the emergence of this genre originate in France during the reign of Napoleon.

The stylistic and architectural customs of such states as Ancient Greece, Egypt and the Roman Empire were borrowed as the foundation of the genre of emperors. The main elements that characterize the Empire style in the interior: stucco, columns, frescoes, borders on the ceiling, and so on. The military theme is also appropriate here: swords, shields and other symbols of heraldry, placed on the walls.

Here are the main distinguishing characteristics of the genre:

  • many decorative elements;
  • strictly maintained symmetry;
  • grandeur combined with classical severity;
  • artistic sophistication and rich colors;
  • pomp and triumph.

Empire style is a style characterized by pomp and luxury. It will look especially advantageous in large, spacious rooms with high ceilings. In a small, cramped apartment, it is unlikely that it will be possible to convey all the triumph and splendor of the imperial decoration.

Very often, the Empire style in the interior is used to decorate theaters, expensive restaurants or the offices of influential officials.

Empire style decor - finishing materials

Expensive natural finishing materials are used to decorate apartments and country houses in this genre. To make the Empire style decor that resembles imperial palaces as much as possible, bronze and gilding, precious woods, natural stones are perfect.

For the floor, inlaid oak and ash parquet will be appropriate. A complex artistic drawing is laid out from the panels. Also used are marble mosaics depicting Greco-Roman designs.

Brocade and silk are widely used in wall decoration. Today, wallpaper manufacturers offer a wide range of products with imitation of tapestry, leather or vinyl. There is a large selection of panoramic wallpapers depicting the African savannah or the ruins of ancient castles. In addition, the walls are decorated with stucco, columns and frescoes.

The ceiling is decorated with stucco molding around the chandelier, with gilded plaster patterns. The ceiling itself is usually painted white or light beige.

Another current trend is the Stalinist Empire style in the interior or Stalinism. It is somewhat reminiscent of the imperial, but simpler and less pompous

Imperial style colors

Each room has its own color palette:

  • the dining room and kitchen look most impressive in milky and beige shades;
  • an empire-style bedroom is restrained, but full of romance; noble, pastel colors combined with gilding are suitable here;
  • the living room, as a rule, is decorated in rich rich colors with elements of gold and bronze;
  • the bathroom, most often, is performed in white and gold tones.

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Empire furniture – luxury and nobility

No interior can be considered complete without furniture. Of course, for an imperial decor, the setting must be appropriate. Empire furniture is characterized by monumentality, originality of lines, expensive finishes and rich materials. It is characterized by the use of components inherent in the architecture of Ancient Rome, Greece in the format of supporting elements. Uniting parts of cabinets, dressers can be in the form of columns. Chairs often stand not on legs, but on the paws of mythical creatures. In general, despite its own massiveness, such furniture looks elegant and sophisticated.


An Empire-style apartment or house is a timeless classic that will never go out of style. He is chosen to emphasize his own status, respectability, to realize royal fantasies. The most important thing is to correctly select a company that will not only carry out repairs in the desired style with high quality in a timely manner, but also select decor elements and furniture.

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