English home interior main features, photos and examples

The English style is the general name for various stylistic trends in architecture, design, painting, and other forms of art. They originated in the Middle Ages and have been developing to the present day. Houses in British surroundings are distinguished by restraint, classic luxury, and the absence of bright accents. British style in the interior is an example of excellent taste. To bring to life a project of a house in the English style, you will need to study the intricacies of the flow and considerable investment - the main principle of the British style of the interior is the use of high-quality, solid materials.

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Houses in the English style

Orderliness and reliability remain the basis of the modern British direction in the interior. Particularly valuable are old, antiques, and so that they serve for decades, look decent, the furniture of the English interior is made of high-quality materials. Real, true design in a British setting is not affordable for everyone. The project of a small house in the English style is easy to draw, conveying only the main features, the main accents.

If you decide to reincarnate your home and choose the English style for renovation, you should find out a few basic rules for decorating a house in the British style. It is now fashionable to mix trends: British design is combined with many stylistic trends in one room. Features of the English style:

  • zoning of premises;
  • windows, doorways, furniture in British style are symmetrically located;
  • calm color palette: white, beige, coffee, brown, pastel colors;
  • upholstered furniture in a British setting is trimmed with fabric, rarely leather, the rest of the furniture is mostly wooden;
  • frequently used finishing materials: plaster, wood, stone;
  • an important feature is soft, dim, warm lighting;
  • natural textiles prevail;
  • the arrangement of furniture is rational and convenient.

Varieties of the English house style: Gregorian, Victorian, Tudor. With their combination, they decorate the kitchen, bedroom, living room, nursery in the British style. They equip both the entire dwelling and one room in a British setting.

Houses in the English style: photos and examples

An important role is played by the appearance of the house in the British style, the features of which can be seen in the photo. Unchanging basic features: harmony, symmetry of forms, simple mathematical relationships, unsaturated colors, elegant decor.

The highlights of the facade of the house in the British classics are stained glass windows, mosaics, ornamental forging. In the Gregorian direction, there are motives of ancient architecture. In the Tudor style, there is usually no porch; instead, there is a small canopy.

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