French interior

The French style in the interior is used in the design of restaurants, shops, apartments. Gives the room a luxurious simplicity, emphasizes the sense of special taste. The design combines elements of different trends and eras - classic, baroque, modern, provence.

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French style? What is it like?

The French style is preferred by romantics, creative people, art connoisseurs, lovers of antique furniture. A well-thought-out interior will enhance any room. Designers will equip small apartments, attics, basements. The ingenuity of the French will overcome any obstacle.

The interior is made in light colors:

  • white;
  • cream;
  • light green;
  • pearl;
  • beige;
  • pastel blue;
  • milk and coffee;
  • Ivory.

There are no sharp contrasts. The main color is complemented by various shades.

French style furniture – antique and modern, antique stylized objects. The people of France take good care of things. They keep pictures, mirrors, candlesticks, furniture inherited from their ancestors. Restored, ennobled, but not thrown away. Items with history are of great value.

French style in the interior photo

In this direction, the presence of adjoining rooms is minimized. Preference is given to a layout with separate rooms. The French style in the interior (photo) is suitable for apartments with high ceilings and long windows. The ceilings are decorated with stucco molding. The flooring is parquet. In old apartments it is not dismantled. They grind, replace damaged boards, varnish and use further.

The walls are decorated with paintings, frescoes, niches are made. The abundance of mirrors and textiles will give the atmosphere a unique chic and flavor. Bed linen French style will perfectly complement the decor.

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French style kitchen

The kitchen occupies an important place in the house, the French style gives it a certain entourage. Creates an atmosphere conducive to comfortable cooking and eating. Everything in this room should be suitable for its purpose.

Natural materials and matte surfaces are used in the interior of the kitchen. Smooth lines prevail. Walls, floor and ceiling create an idyll of integrity.

Particular attention is paid to details:

  • threaded wooden furniture;
  • forging;
  • gilding.

Such elements will add aristocracy to the atmosphere. The house will be filled with royal luxury. It is important to be moderate and not overdo it. Pretentious pomp is not appropriate here.

French style interior

The French style of the interior combines elegance with casualness. Envelops the atmosphere with the secrets of palace intrigue.

French-style cuisine reflects the Middle Ages. Decorated with figurines, stained glass windows, bas-reliefs, crystal chandeliers. Required attributes:

  • tapestries, tapestries;
  • satin, velvet, silk, brocade;
  • massive light furniture, decorated with gold or silver;
  • carved chairs, tables;
  • decorative plaster, polished stone, wood.

A small kitchen will not convey all the nobility and beauty of this direction. But professional designers will be able to bring a piece of romantic France into even a small living space.

French style house

The French-style house is the perfect home for romantic people. Outwardly it looks like a castle from the era of kings. A large area allows fantasy to roam. Typical two-storey house in Paris:

  • brick, stone walls;
  • roof with chimney, tiled;
  • facades with high windows;
  • arches, towers, spiers.

A fireplace is installed inside the room.

Bedroom interior in French style

The interior of the bedroom is done in restrained colors. Peaceful harmony is observed in everything. The walls can be decorated with molding, pasted over with wallpaper, painted with matte paint.

The bedroom should be conducive to relaxation. Every little thing matters. Special attention is paid to the sleeping area. The bed should be large and comfortable. The canopy looks beautiful, the massive headboard.

The French interior of the apartment assumes a lot of natural light. Light air curtains are suitable for windows. It is better to choose plain colors if floral motifs were used in the decoration of the walls.

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