Fusion style

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Fusion style

No one remains indifferent from the full of mysteries, unique, cheerful atmosphere created by the fusion style , which amazes with its versatility . It combines diametrically opposed concepts of different directions, but is not devoid of harmony. Choosing a design like this:

  • it is necessary to skillfully violate the rules so that the dwelling does not turn into a chaotic set of variegated objects, and the situation does not begin to cause a feeling of disharmony;
  • it is possible to use objects from a variety of times, civilizations.

Such an environment suits sensual, open, courageous people. Emotionality is important here – most importantly, feelings, moods, which can be influenced by the space around you.

This is a trendy, brightly colored design that depends on the “taste” of the owner of the apartment. It creates harmony, visible simplicity, a sense of proportion in everything.

At the same time, there are several principles by which the premises are made out.

  1. Expressiveness and contrast. Even with the main background of pastel colors, the setting is chosen bright, colorful. Shades of scarlet to green or blue to gold, but not chaotic.
  2. The use of different materials for home decoration. Painting, bricks, plastering, wallpapering, beautiful stone, wood-like panels are well suited for walls. Wallpaper can serve as a background, but more often the basis of the interior is made of bright canvases on which frescoes or prints are applied.

The ceilings are the most incredible: black, textured, slatted, in several tiers. Surfaces can be painted in the same color as the walls.

The floor should balance the decor of the room. Usually it is covered with wood or similar materials.

  1. Chandeliers and sconces, original table lamps and beautiful floor lamps are used for lighting. Lighting from several levels is complemented by spots, point lighting devices.
  2. Decor and textile products help to improve: cotton bedspreads, fur capes, knitted openwork blankets. Animal skins can be placed on the floor.

Fusion style

Correctly planned, positive space, where it is comfortable and fun – fusion in the interior . For such premises, a splash of flowers is important; beautiful prints with animals; rich textile accessories; antiques and vintage items. The colors used are pink, turquoise, orange, bright yellow and purple. When combining them, care must be taken to avoid contradictions with one another, and not to cause a feeling of discomfort.

Giving preference to the fusion style, it is worth considering some of the nuances in order to correctly translate your plans:

  • The best option is the design of a studio apartment, where there is a free layout;
  • the colorful colors prevailing in the room must be complemented with restrained white;
  • there should be a little more white in the recreation area, it calms, relaxes;
  • in order to fully demonstrate the decoration, a living room will do, with a free geometry of space.

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Fusion cuisine

Fusion cuisine

The main color of a fusion kitchen is white, which is especially practical for small apartments. The headsets are combined in two shades. Pictures and mirrors are hung on the walls.

Fusion bedroom

Fusion bedroom

A fusion-style bedroom with a predominance of “mixed” design is made without flashy decoration .

Fusion style in the interior photo

Fusion interior

You can study the fusion style in the interior, photos, in which you can see new ideas, for a long time, with interest.

Fusion furniture

Fusion furniture

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