Greek style design features in the interior of a house or apartment

Hellas is an ancient country that gave the world myths, philosophy, mathematics, cosmology, democracy, culture and a peculiar architectural and interior style. Home decoration in the Greek style - it blows old traditions and new colors.

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Features of the Greek interior

The Greek style in interior and architecture will appeal to those who love the severity of the classics, simplicity and harmony in the arrangement of furniture.

  1. The use of white, beige, sand, blue and light blue, olive and light green. These colors are reminiscent of the Greek island nature: white beaches, sea blue, green olive groves.
  2. The Greek interior is distinguished by the rough processing of flat surfaces: the walls and ceiling are in the same color, covered with rough plaster, imitation of stone, or painted white. The walls can be decorated with mosaics or mythological drawings. The ceiling can have wooden cross-beams of natural color or be painted in a general tone, stucco molding around the perimeter. The floor is laid out with mosaics with national ornaments, tiles in the Greek style, stone, rough light-colored boards.
  3. Textiles – natural fabrics: cotton, linen. Curtains of simple shapes, plain or with zigzag wave patterns. Pillows, bedspreads, bedding – in the same color scheme as the room.
  4. Clay amphorae, porcelain vases, stucco moldings, columns, semi-columns, niches in the walls, sculptures of naked ancient Greek gods and mythological heroes – all decorative elements fill the interior in the Greek style with the spirit of ancient Hellas.

Such an interior breathes with tranquility, intended for relaxation and contemplation of beauty.

Greek style house

The Greek style is suitable for both a small house and a spacious villa with high ceilings and arched windows. In a Greek-style house with a small area, stucco ceilings, columns and massive sculptures are not used, since all these elements steal space. And the house of Hellas must breathe air and space.

Large villas have more opportunity to embody the decorative ornaments of Ancient Greece. The living room is the main resting place, the pomp of the columns and arched protrusions in the walls with amphora smoothes the fireplace. The hearth is treated with stucco molding with ornaments, laid out with stone, decorated with figurines and ships. Furniture can be simple in shape or with classic elements (rounded shapes, stitching, carved details).

A bedroom in this style is not overloaded with furniture – there is only a bed, a bench, an armchair and a bedside table. A bed made of wood can have carved details with the outlines of Greek sculptures and ornaments. Located opposite the window. The comfort of the room is given by pillows and wall lamps.

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Greek style kitchen

Kitchen set of simple shape, white or blue. If the whole kitchen is in the Greek style of light color, then it is diluted with blue details – dishes, textiles on chairs, a tablecloth, shutters or a window frame. Tiles or mosaics with Greek motifs are used on the wall. The floor can be either plain or colored from tiles.

There are a lot of dishes on the shelves of kitchen cabinets: from white, blue or olive glass, clay pots, amphorae, cups, white porcelain dishes with blue drawings. Copper colored kitchen utensils can also hang on walls. Light stone or solid wood countertops.

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