Grunge style: creating a atmospheric interior design

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Interior grunge style: combination of simplicity and harmony

We can say that the grunge style combines the incongruous: the simplicity of suburban life together with the classic luxury of aristocracy. It is believed that the direction originated in France in the 19th century. It was started by the bourgeois who strove for a calm, comfortable provincial life.

Today, the grunge style in the interior is used to design light, spacious rooms. Suitable for those who want to create an atmosphere of authenticity and comfort in their home.

The grunge interior style is a combination of contradictions. Simplicity of design, comfortable furniture, free space, the effect of antiquity, negligence and exclusively natural materials are harmoniously combined here.

The grunge interior will be distinguished by the following features:

  1. Finishing and materials. This is the first thing that catches your eye. There will be no excesses, gilding, stucco molding, bas-reliefs. The bet is placed on naturalness, naturalness. Areas of walls with masonry and artificially aged plaster are welcome. They are based on stone, brick, wood, concrete. However, they are not covered by anything. Tiles or parquet are used on the floor. Wooden beams can be found on the ceiling. It seems that there is no finishing at all or it is in disrepair. With regard to textiles, cotton is preferred.
  2. Layout. The style assumes spacious rooms filled with air and light. The free layout allows for ease of communication and movement.
  3. Primary colors. Here, too, everything is very natural, harmonious. To a greater extent, there are warm pastel colors, all shades of white, beige, brown, gray. Contrast is created using dark tones: black, blue.
  4. Furniture. When choosing a setting, they give preference to classic models with soft lines. Furniture, in contrast to the deliberately rough walls, personifies comfort. Be sure to add wooden elements: a large table, a sideboard or panels on the cabinet.

The grunge style carries the idea of ​​harmony, perfection and comfort.

Grunge style: photo ideas and design tips

They will help you find ideas for creating a grunge style in the interior of the photo . It is not necessary to follow clear rules to create the atmosphere, you can add the main features of the direction.

The combination of wooden furniture, brickwork and panoramic windows will set the tone for the entire space. You should focus on the classics, but without pretentiousness. It is enough to add sofas, armchairs of retro or 60s.

Minor time marks on objects and cladding will accentuate the decoration. For this purpose, they use furniture with their own history or create it artificially. They also artificially cut off the wall cladding instead of wallpaper. There are no sophisticated elements or deliberate luxury here. Natural materials speak for themselves.

Most often, the grunge style of photo interiors is presented in living rooms. Free space allows you to play up the design without cluttering it. This can be done in other rooms as well. Textured walls, textiles, play of shades allow you to create lightness, a kind of airy, relaxed atmosphere. Complemented by large windows that provide more light.

In such a house there is no place for bulky wardrobes, curbstones, dressers. Preference is given to open shelves and racks. Only functional furniture. Windows must be open to light as much as possible. Light curtains or roller blinds are used as decoration.

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Grunge interior: special notes and details

When creating a grunge interior , special attention is paid to the decor. The direction does not tolerate many elements, there should be a sense of proportion in everything. The main details of the direction themselves create a harmonious design.

Interior in grunge style

The decor and arrangement of furniture is thought out to the smallest detail. Things should not clutter up the space, interfere with natural light. Depending on the preferences of the owner, they select the environment. You can supplement it with frames with photographs, publications, a picture in the style of pop art.

The following points are highlighted in the grunge style interior :

  • lighting: track lamps, lamps without a shade on long wires, fabric, wood or metal lampshades;
  • be sure to have forged elements in the form of furniture legs, mirrors, coffee tables;
  • playing with cladding: you can combine plaster with brickwork, concrete, wooden surfaces, add mesh, and other non-standard solutions;
  • unmasked pipes and ventilation systems emphasize the naturalness of the environment, add brutality to the style;
  • coziness is created using soft blankets, pillows, carpets;
  • there are often a large number of bookshelves.

This design is suitable for people who value classics, functionality, environmental friendliness, creativity. This place allows you to relax, plunge into creativity. You can beat it if you have bright rooms with high ceilings.

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