Italian interior in a modern house

An elegant combination of country and classics, simplicity and sophistication. The elegant Italian interior in the design of your own home makes it refined and cozy. Contemporary furnishings and antique décor create a sense of harmony, warmth and comfort.

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What does an Italian-style house look like?

Geometrically correct forms of furniture are organically combined with non-standard figures of design. Light colors and natural motives create a unique atmosphere of joyful warmth. Summer colors combined with embossed bunches of grapes warm in cold weather and give coolness in summer.

A modest house in Italian style, combined with elements of bohemian design, gives the interior elegance and comfort. The color scheme used in the decoration consists of natural colors. The predominant color is light beige, egg, warm shades of terracotta, blue and green.

The floor is usually gray with a stone look. Antique wall and ceiling finishes can be warm brown, white or beige. Material: gypsum, stucco, plaster, acrylic paint, ceramic tiles with unobtrusive patterns.

How to decorate an interior in Italian style

The main feature of this design is the compactness and functionality of the room. The classic Italian style in the interior gives preference to the zoning of the room. The biofireplace is favorably emphasized by the colored panels on the wall, the Mediterranean-themed paintings create a welcoming atmosphere next to the sofas for guests, the pacifying landscape above the bed gives you a restful sleep.

Classic interior in Italian style.

  1. On the walls – Venetian plaster, cork wallpaper or ceramic tiles with a blurred pattern. Wall panels can be a more affordable design.
  2. For the ceiling, you can choose a modern stretch or classic version of plaster. Embossed grape leaves with juicy bunches look organic against a beige or cream background.
  3. For the floor, choose a stone or an imitation of ceramic tiles. If the decor uses wooden arches and beams, the same flooring material is allowed. You can use parquet or laminate for different types of wood.

Rough handmade furniture, stone inserts on surfaces, elements and inserts from marble tiles harmoniously fit into the Italian style. Accessories – ceramic dishes, cylindrical or cone-shaped lampshades – complete the interior.

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Italian style house project

The modern design is based on the interior of Tuscany. Modest buildings made of simple materials (wood, stone and clay) were refreshed by the locals with arches, columns, mosaics, ceramics and stained glass windows.

The Italian-style house project is a play of contrasts. Light plaster is combined with cream bricks, wooden arches with stone floors, large windows with fine mosaics on the walls. The peculiarity of the Italian-style house is the presence of a patio and openwork arched structures. The flat roof, awnings, towers and brackets give the building an original look. Warm colors create an impression of home comfort.

A bright and spacious apartment in the Italian style is affordable and beautiful. Exquisite design is available for any room: living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom. The variety of design creates uniqueness for different types of premises.

Italian style kitchen

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