Japanese style embodiment in Kiev

The Japanese style requires the creation of an atmosphere in the house or apartment that ensures the harmony of the soul and body. The direction reveals the depth of the philosophy of Japan, recalling how important unity with nature is.

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Japanese interior style: main features

The Japanese style of the interior differs from other areas in the following features.

  1. Pragmatism, minimalistic notes in everything. The Japanese interior requires space, and “extra” things, as the philosophy of the Japanese says, not only clutter up the house, but also worsen its energy.
  2. Functionality. All items are selected so that they solve several problems. Ideally, transformers are chosen to perform all sorts of functions without cluttering up the space.
  3. Natural motives. They are aimed at unity with nature. In particular, only natural materials in decoration, textiles, and upholstery are allowed.
  4. Mobility. All products are selected so that they can be quickly rearranged, adding novelty to the interior.

Japanese-style apartment: choice of materials

A Japanese-style apartment, like a home, requires the use of specific materials. For the ceiling, the ideal option is a stretch coating, better matte. Alternatively, it is appropriate to look at glass plates with a matte finish, complemented by not too bright backlighting.

The walls are decorated with wooden frames covered with rice wallpaper. An alternative is drapery with thin fabrics or stylized wallpaper. The flooring is light wood. A more budget option is bamboo laminate. A tatami (woven carpet product) is also useful.

Japanese-style house by color

A Japanese-style house is decorated in a color scheme that symbolizes tranquility, laconicism, and poise. Basic tones:

  • woody;
  • cream;
  • white;
  • gray green;
  • light gray.

Sometimes Japanese minimalism in the interior allows the use of bright accents. They are made using black or red.

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Japanese style room

A Japanese-style room is a real masterpiece that provides comfort and harmony. The design of the premises in the house / apartment has its own subtleties, it is better to know them in advance.

Japanese style kitchen

Japanese-style kitchen must meet certain requirements /

  1. High rationality. The required household items are placed in plain sight: appliances, dishes, kitchen utensils. The location is dictated by convenience and functionality.
  2. Closed shelves, racks, hanging models are taboo, as it makes it difficult to use objects, clutters up the space. In the presence of exclusively necessary things in sight.
  3. A lot of natural light is a must. Moreover, the lighting is soft, diffused. For all kitchen functional areas, light is selected separately, achieving maximum naturalness. If there is not enough natural light, artificial light is used, setting evenly.
  4. Only natural finishing materials are used. It can be clay, wood, silk or rice paper, linen, jute, bamboo.
  5. Furniture is selected lightweight, multifunctional, always made from natural materials.

The main feature of the interior is simplicity. The referral is not suitable for demonstrating social status or financial standing.

Japanese style bedroom design

The design of the bedroom in the Japanese style will suit absolutely everyone, as it promotes energy recovery, relaxation, tranquility, pleasing to the eye. Important Features:

  • use only natural materials;
  • only natural colors are permissible;
  • functionality, rationality of design is appreciated;
  • at the heart of everything is simplicity: a minimum of objects, their laconicism, the absence of an excess of decor;
  • important details – fusuma (a sliding door resembling a wooden frame and covered with paper), shoji (a partition made of a frame with paper), blinds and screens for zoning the space are appropriate.

A bedroom created in this direction is a place where the body, soul, eyes, thoughts rest. Peace should reign.

Japanese style in the interior – harmony, tranquility, poise. This can be traced in all the details. They use soft, muted colors, natural materials, a minimum of furniture / decor.

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