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Loft-style kitchen for everyday comfort

The loft-style kitchen is planned taking into account the need to combine it with the living room, dining room or corridor. Walls that remain in place should be pristine, revealing the materials they are made of. Raw structures and the presence of open communications are very important in the planning of the kitchen space.
Ventilation and plumbing open pipes, metal elements that enrich the space are integral parts of the culinary industrial zone. The loft-style kitchen interior provides for natural materials used in large quantities:
• raw brick;
• steel;
• glass;
• bare concrete;
• aged wood.

Equipment, lighting, furniture in the loft style for the kitchen

Simplicity and minimalism of forms are the basis of the equipment of the cooking and eating area. Original designs of hoods, large heating batteries in the form of springs, granite sinks will be the best choice for a stylish room. Large cutting boards of various shapes on the countertops are a daily decoration of tables.
In the interior of an industrial kitchen, metal shades, frames with lamps placed in them will harmoniously look. The lamps hanging on thick dark cables look interesting. The complete absence of curtains and curtains on the large windows provides natural light. The only acceptable option for shading is classic blinds in strict shades.
The main requirements for a loft interior are naturalness and minimalism. Furniture in the kitchen is used for storing utensils, household appliances, and also acts as an element of zoning. The working and dining areas are separated by a sideboard-island or bar counter, as well as contrasting tiles on the floor.
The oversized loft-style table is equipped with a rough-cut board. Rigid wooden chairs, wardrobes, hanging shelves with metal elements are ideas for industrial-style spaces. Wood, glass, steel – materials for kitchen units.

Loft style in the interior of the kitchen involves the use of a minimum amount of decorative items. All of them should have a practical purpose: large antique clocks, retro accessories. The color palette, presented in natural and neutral shades, should optically enlarge the space.

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The loft style is one of the most popular avant-garde interior design trends. The combination of simplicity and sophistication, elegance and originality brings notes of aristocracy to the room. The natural materials used make the house environmentally friendly.

Cozy and unusual loft-style bedroom

The sleeping and relaxation area is characterized by a unique combination of rough finishes and original elements that bring coziness. When planning a loft-style design for a bedroom, it is necessary to comply with the features of the industrial trend:

· Minimalism and practicality;

· Interweaving of retro and modernity;

· The optical effect of the sleeping place;

· The use of a false wall or cabinet for the purpose of zoning;

· Use of industrial design details.

Decoration Materials

The sleeping area will be original and stylish if you create a harmonious combination of brick masonry and even concrete pavement in it. The rudeness, manifested in the ceiling and walls, is gently set off by a soft, neat bed and light textiles. A brick wall or its imitation will advantageously set off a comfortable overall sleeping place. Coarse decorative plaster, paint or metal panels will look good on the walls.

In a loft bedroom, the presence of metal parts is also important. It is expressed by the placement of spectacular beams on the ceiling, expressive pipes of communications, zoning partitions. Those unwilling to place technological attributes in the room can use an accent wall. For its decoration, you can use expressive copper panels or metal tiles with a simple pattern. The flooring will be wood as solid wood, laminate, parquet.

Compositional solution of space

A loft-style bedroom is designed with the bed as an accent element. To achieve an art effect, the bed can be raised on a specially mounted platform or equipped with an unusual headboard. The bed is separated from another space with the help of a heavy curtain, a rack, a folding screen. Also, for the separation of sleeping places, the best option is to use:

  • false walls;
  • overall cabinets;
  • frosted glass fences;
  • decorative partitions made of unconventional materials.

Interesting solutions: arrangement of a bedroom in the upper level of the apartment or in the lower one, under a wide staircase.


Features of bedroom furniture

Loft style in the bedroom interior allows you to combine retro furniture with modern designs. The main thing is to remember the principle: fewer things, more space. The raised bed can be complemented by an unconventional headboard or a unique canopy in the form of a metal frame.

Cabinets can be built-in or used as zonal partitions. Freedom and mobility is ensured by moving loft-style pieces of furniture on casters within the sleeping area. In the case of an isolated location of the bedroom, an unconventional loft-style bathroom can be combined with it.


Loft-style interior : features

There are practically no enclosed spaces in an industrial interior. A loft-style apartment designed for modern free life. Different, absolutely dissimilar, sometimes opposite components are mixed here. Shades, textures, geometric shapes fill the space, at the same time leaving it free.

An amazing loft-style living room can be with a fireplace and soft hide on the floor, with a wicker rocking chair and hammock. A TV with an impressive diagonal and a powerful acoustics system is sometimes adjacent to the great-grandmother’s chest. The industrial style interior has an unusually wide range: from clear geometry to smooth soft lines.


 Loft-style renovation : rules and nuances

Loft expands consciousness through a combination of diametrically opposite motives, interweaving of antiquity and innovation. Its main features are individuality and creative freedom. The main task during the renovation is to give the room an organic, fresh and clean look.

Using creativity, imagination and creativity, you can safely experiment with interior elements, rearrange furniture in a new way, paint walls in bright colors, use contrasting shades.

When carrying out repairs in the loft style, it is worth remembering the basic rules:

  • open plan, zoning;
  • the use of techniques to visually expand the space;
  • urban notes (the use of building materials in kind);
  • structural strength and ease of maintenance;
  • combination of metals, wood and stone;
  • the use of walls made of glass blocks;
  • the presence of accent elements, optical effects;
  • beneficial use of space.

Loft-style design

Loft style opens the horizons for the manifestation of individuality. It creates an atmosphere of living space in an unthinkable way. With the help of large glass walls, panoramic windows, the absence of partitions between rooms, maximum freedom appears in the room. Comfort, coziness, light and air are the distinctive features of the industrial style.

The design of a loft-style apartment provides for a combination of incredible elements: from abstract wall painting to a swing in the living room. The minimum amount of decorative elements and the maximum freedom is the main motto of the style. The mix of space allows you to use the apartment as a studio, workshop, atelier.

A loft-style house always looks unique and original. The desire for simplicity and minimalism can be traced even in the smallest detail. This lifestyle is essential for creative people who want to escape standards and clichés. Usually, loft home owners are bright individuals who stand out in the crowd.

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