Refined Mediterranean style interior

Home interior in Mediterranean style combines simplicity and romance of European countries. Calm natural shades, the presence of wood, iron, fabrics. Laconicism, simplicity and comfort are perfectly combined in any room. Sunny, colorful sea countries are embodied in every corner of the home.

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What makes the Mediterranean style so beautiful

People living off the Mediterranean coast spend every day in a friendly atmosphere that is reflected in a relaxed design. The furniture has a rustic touch, the decor is made of wood or forged elements. Distinctive features are as follows.

  1. To decorate your house in a Mediterranean style, vibrant natural colors must be present everywhere. Blue, green, purple, brown are the main colors.
  2. Natural natural materials: wood, metal, glass, stone are used at every step.
  3. Designers, applying the Mediterranean style to the interior, carry out the laying of ceramic floors. A rug helps to insulate such material. You can also use laminated wood flooring or bleached boards with a rough surface.
  4. The naturalness of the marine style is diluted with bright elements of textiles: pillows, rugs, bedding.
  5. Indoor ceilings should be high with a matte sand or milky surface. The original Mediterranean style of the house involves decorating the ceiling with wooden beams.

Lightweight curtains, plain. Sometimes there are unobtrusive drawings. For decoration, do not use brushes and lambrequins, draperies.

Cozy apartment, Mediterranean motives

Decorated apartment in a laconic Mediterranean style does not tolerate unnecessary details. The walls are treated with plaster and painted in light colors. Interior details should be useful so as not to burden the design with unnecessary elements. Unpretentiousness, laconicism is the hallmark of this type of design. Mosaic elements completely complement the style. You can use it anywhere in the room.

Mediterranean in the bedroom

To decorate a bedroom in a popular Mediterranean style, you need to choose a plot. Italian suggests rough, rural features. The dark floor, luxurious large furniture with stylish accents, wooden beams on the ceiling look charming. Vivid colors can be applied to bedding sets. The background should be in neutral shades. The use of Venetian plaster is also very popular.

The motives of Greece are easily distinguished by their nautical shades. Blue shades resonate well with white. To combine ancient and modern styles, Greek patterns are applied to the ceiling and bed.

The Mediterranean style of the bedroom can be versatile. Warm decor with classic and unconventional motifs creates the ideal inviting space. A rich bed from centuries past goes well with modern lamps, delicate curtains and bedding.

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Living room in Mediterranean style

First you need to choose a suitable color scheme. The Italian trend is carried out in sandy shades. Style from Greece looks perfect in white, blue, olive.

The floor is usually laid from ceramics or stone, as well as boards, laminate with a matte surface. The walls as well as the ceiling in the living room should exclude any processing. In the classic version, matte plaster and wooden beams on the ceiling should be present. A wrought iron chandelier can be an element of the Italian motif.

Furniture items, regardless of the direction of stylistics, are best chosen from wood. The Italian aesthetics are reflected in the exquisite details to which the forging is applied. A Mediterranean style living room usually has a sofa, a couple of armchairs, a small table, and a bookcase. The addition will be a chest of drawers, lamps, high chairs. The Greek direction assumes the presence of wicker chairs and poufs with cotton covers.

Mediterranean style kitchen

In this style, the kitchen space looks appetizing, combines the culture and traditions of the countries of the south. The Mediterranean interior provides the epitome of hospitality, convenience, and functional diversity. The main thing is not to overdo it with the details.

The walls of Mediterranean-style kitchens are often finished with stone or tiles. Mosaic may also be present. Colors in yellow shades. Various sunny details add coziness to the kitchen.

It is better to choose a floor covering from tiles that blend harmoniously with the walls. Gray or dark brown wooden beams are an important element of the ceiling. In the apartment, the ceiling can be painted with beige paint with a matte texture. Mediterranean cuisine should have a lot of space.

The dining table should be comfortable and large, for four to six people. Natural wood furniture with elements of ceramics, glass, metal. A set of chairs with wide backs and padded seats. The upholstery looks harmoniously made of natural plaid fabric. The wardrobe can be the simplest with open shelves that kitchen utensils look great on. It is better to choose a tabletop made of ceramics, stone or combined.

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