Minimalist style in the interior of modern apartments

The minimalism style has long received a rightful prize among other design styles. This is a bright, popular and modern environment. Its roots go back to the 1960s. It is characterized by the absence of classical techniques and the use of natural shades and materials.

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The main features of minimalism

Minimalism is a style that emphasizes beauty and simplicity without using unnecessary decor and embellishments. People love to decorate their apartments with lush chandeliers, carpets and a variety of wallpapers. An abundance of furniture and decorations “clutters up” the living space and disturbs human perception. The presented entourage should free the interior from unnecessary details.

The minimalism in the apartment is famous for 5 features.

  1. Emptiness and space. The interior shouldn’t look abandoned. The furnishings should be harmonious and light, without unnecessary details.
  2. Consecration. It occupies an important place in the interior. The light should emphasize the simplicity and beauty of the living space.
  3. Natural textures. This type includes uneven plaster, brickwork or wooden elements.
  4. Natural shades. The presented style is characterized by white, beige paint, shades of flax, ocher. A certain accent can be made from bright colors.
  5. Furniture. It is not worth overloading the room with unnecessary details. Furniture should be austere, beautiful and functional. You should choose from plain fabric or genuine leather.

Remember, each room in the apartment has its own specifics and requirements for decoration. Therefore, a project is being prepared for each of them. The main thing is that the 4 main rooms match the chosen stylistic design.

Minimalism style in the interior of the living room

The minimalism style in the living room interior should reflect rationality, purity of forms and emptiness. Such an empty space will not be boring, but free. The presented stylistic design is suitable for any living room.

If the room is small, then minimalism will visually increase the area. You can also combine the living room and kitchen. This will help to significantly increase the free space. For the floor, it is better to choose parquet or laminate. Furniture should be straight and sharp.

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Minimalism style in the kitchen and bedroom

Typically, the style presented requires combining the kitchen with the living room. But such a layout is not required. It is important that there are functional things in the room. Divide the kitchen into zones using a variety of textures and shades.

Appliances fit built-in, and mountains of dishes, jars of spices on the walls and plates – this is the last century. From materials you can choose brick, cork, natural stone or glass.

Creating a minimalist style in the bedroom interior, two or three colors are chosen. The room requires more light and space. The wall covering should be light (white, purple, beige). Parquet or carpet is well suited for the floor.

In the center of the room is the bed. It is better to refuse bulky cabinets. The main focus is the bed. Wardrobes for this style are suitable built into the wall or placed in the wardrobe.

Minimalism style in other rooms

When decorating the interior in the hallway in minimalism, you need to choose a built-in wardrobe or a wardrobe. Choose furniture that is laconic and restrained. Decorated surfaces and bright elements must be discarded. It is better that everything is done in white, black or gray.

In the bathroom, you can install the bath itself and the shower, if space permits. Hanging cabinets are also suitable. They take up little space, but look stylish and beautiful. Don’t hang useless accessories. Functional items are hidden in closets. Minimalism style is order, so there is no need to spoil the picture with 10 robes, slippers and sponges.

The main task of stylistic design is to remove unnecessary things from the house. Such items have been collected for years, and they are not paid attention to.

Minimalism style in the interior photo

It is a mistake to assume that minimalism will save apartment owners money. If the room should be decorated in this style, it is worth preparing for the costs. Despite this, minimalism style in the interior is a popular and demanded service in design studios.

More and more owners of living space, making repairs, are choosing such a stylistic design. It is popular for its simplicity, brevity and restraint. Anyone who wants to make a renovation can view a photo of the minimalism style in the interior on the Internet and choose the option that suits them.

The minimalism style in the interior does not lose popularity, therefore it is called timeless. The main motto is “the minimum amount of decor, but the maximum functionality.” The main features of the entourage include the use of geometric shapes, straight lines, a minimum of decor and furniture. Typical for the style: white, gray, chocolate and graphite shades.

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