Modern classics in the interior

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Modern classic style apartment

The interior of modern classics is suitable for lovers of a combination of traditional design and newly-invented minimalism. The restrained noble decor of this style is not at all conservative, as one might expect, but is varied, with elements of innovation. It includes such subtypes as loft, vintage, scandinavia.

To decorate your home with a bias towards the modern classics of the interior , you should carefully study a number of characteristic features that distinguish neoclassicism from other types:

  • bright spacious rooms;
  • minimalism regarding furniture and decor;
  • the presence of a fireplace;
  • straight lines and symmetry;
  • combining natural materials with artificial;
  • a holistic image without conservatism and eccentricity.

The classic style will be relevant for a long time. It is suitable for decorating both residential premises and offices, restaurants or business centers. The layout of individual rooms in this style has some specifics.

Modern classic kitchen

Modern classic kitchen design stands out with traditional finishing materials. For example, instead of wallpaper with a pattern, you should give preference to plain textured plaster or expensive textile materials. The color must be light, warm tones. The floor provides a wide range of choices: laminate – budget, parquet – respectability, ceramic tiles – practicality. The ceiling in neoclassicism should be perfectly flat, light colors. The option of multi-level structures is allowed – stretch or suspended ceiling. And, of course, the presence of bright lamps.

The kitchen should remain simple, light, not cluttered with various decorative finishes. Symmetry is important. When choosing furniture, you should prefer a vintage style: a wooden table with massive chairs, newfangled electronics in the spirit of minimalism and, again, light colors.

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Living room in modern classic style

Living room design

The design of the living room is a modern classic – a demonstration of comfort, luxury and elegance in simplicity. It is also dominated by clarity of lines, symmetry and, in a sense, conservatism. The presence of natural expensive finishing materials, luxurious furniture and traditional decor elements will add exquisite harmony to the living room.

Again, spaciousness and good lighting are key factors. Neoclassicism presupposes the perception of the airiness of space combined with sophistication. Particular attention is paid to the decoration of windows, doorways and doors. Natural wood, massive door handles, arches are appreciated. Do not forget about luxurious chandeliers and lamps, soft light carpets, sofas and armchairs made of genuine leather, as well as a fireplace and various decorative stucco moldings.

Modern classic bedroom

Bedroom in the style of modern classics

The space should not be overloaded with massive decorations, vulgar indicative luxury and bright colors. You should choose characteristic furniture: a vintage chest of drawers, a niche with pilasters, a bench at the foot of the king’s bed. Preferred shades: white, beige, gray or any dark. The floor can be covered with laminate or parquet. Option with carpet is also possible.

Apartment in modern classic style

This handwriting is ideal because it can be created with different amounts of money. And the fact that this style involves the use of various techniques adds another plus in the choice of interior decoration for an apartment.

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