Modern style in the interior

The Art Nouveau style in the interior is always different: gentle and romantic, or strong and strict. Natural colors and natural materials remind of the charm of nature, the roundness of the forms and the smoothness of the lines provide grace and lightness. The direction is expensive, but the result is a real masterpiece.

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Art Nouveau house

The Art Nouveau house has characteristic features that are immediately recognizable.

  1. A typical luminaire is a model with a shade. The lighting should be soft and warm.
  2. The color scheme is calm natural tones. Obsession is unacceptable.
  3. Art Nouveau furniture is a no-frills essential item.
  4. The decor should be based on plant motives.
  5. The best choice of materials – paint, plaster, mirror and glass surfaces, parquet.
  6. Furniture should be functional and light enough so that you can periodically update the interior.
  7. All lines should be smooth.
  8. The curtains are smooth, without draperies.

The direction is ideal for connoisseurs of brightness and beauty. The main requirement is general attractiveness, and minimalism can be completely abandoned.

Art Nouveau apartment

An apartment in the Art Nouveau style is made in one of three design options.

  1. Complete recreation of the stylistics. It is considered the most expensive option, requiring adherence to the smallest details.
  2. Decorative analogue. There is an imitation of stylistics using a number of required elements.
  3. Free design. It assumes the need to use individual elements and adhere to the color scheme.

Renovation in the Art Nouveau style

Renovation in the Art Nouveau style will be correct if you are inspired by nature, natural tones and smooth, curved lines. Regardless of the room being designed, you need to adhere to the following new rules:

  • a lot of free space;
  • minimum shades;
  • clarity, but smoothness of lines;
  • the lighting is calm or diffused.

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Modern kitchen

The Art Nouveau kitchen is placed in a spacious room for an impressive setting. Characteristics:

  • the use of chrome and glass inserts in furnishings;
  • choice in favor of varnished and smooth surfaces;
  • the presence of patterns on natural themes;
  • equipment with modern and even innovative technology;
  • paper wallpapers and wood panels are inappropriate, walls are painted, covered with glass surfaces or tiles, rubbing the seams;
  • the furniture is monochromatic, plant motifs are appropriate, the preferred material is raw wood.

Decorations can be added thanks to hand painting, glass inserts, photo printing, milling. A beautiful addition to the Art Nouveau kitchen – vases, straight textiles, paintings with images of nature and porcelain dishes.

Modern style bedroom

The Art Nouveau bedroom is made without contrasts and sharp color transitions. The best choice is pink or light green tones. The result should be a calm, light and relaxing atmosphere. Furniture items in bright colors can be a highlight.

It is appropriate to add a room in the Art Nouveau style with photo wallpaper on one of the walls and carved details on the furniture. But it’s important to strike a balance so that the room is soothing and not annoying.

Living room in modern style

In the living room in the Art Nouveau style, the emphasis is placed on furniture, which occupies a significant part of the interior. All items are conventionally divided into two types:

  • products made from a combination of varnished wood species;
  • oak models with a noble, pure color.

Often they give preference to the restoration of old furniture, adding a golden hue to it and harmoniously fitting into the interior.

In the interior of a living room in modern style, it is important to pay attention to the decor that helps to place accents. It should be aimed at unity with nature, therefore, plant motifs are in the prerogative. Fresh flowers are also appropriate, but not lush and not too large.

Art Nouveau bathtub

The Art Nouveau bathtub looks bright. Main features:

  • wide baguettes;
  • massive skirting boards;
  • mosaic;
  • pastel or monochrome colors;
  • decorative plaster and tiles as wall and floor materials;
  • the ceiling is stretched;
  • the chandelier acts as a bright accent, adding wealth;
  • vanity unit and wall cabinet as furniture.

Bathroom space is usually not very large, so balance is especially important. The Art Nouveau style definitely requires decor. This can be a mirror and / or a beautiful lamp. Plumbing is usually modern, but not futuristic. Enough essential items: sink, shower / bath, washing machine.

Entrance hallway in art nouveau style

The Art Nouveau hallway has the following features:

  • multifunctional furniture, no raisins, but floral decor is acceptable;
  • original fittings;
  • combination of materials: natural stone, bronze, tiles, glass, mosaic, porcelain, wood;
  • drawings of flora and fauna are quite appropriate;
  • colors – calm and natural: beige, brown, green, ocher, light yellow, white;
  • plastic panels, paint, wallpaper as finishing materials;
  • among the furniture, a wardrobe, a hanger, as well as a bench or chair as a highlight are useful;
  • 2-3 light sources are enough: a chandelier, wall sconces, lighting by the mirror;
  • all details should be bright, original, even pieces of furniture from different sets are appropriate.

Modern is a style that requires harmony, unity in everything. The task is to achieve coziness and desire to constantly be in the created interior.

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