Neoclassic interior

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Neoclassicism in interior

Neoclassic interior – classic design with a modern interpretation. Elements of the classics are present in a lightweight form. There is no cumbersomeness, ponderousness. Functionality and convenience are in the foreground. The walls are decorated with stucco, molding, paintings. Install a fireplace, columns. Doorways can be decorated with pilasters. Porcelain vases with flowers, antique candlesticks, draperies will enrich the atmosphere. Decorative pillows, carpets will fit in. The room looks expensive, neat, balanced. The updated classics are preferred by connoisseurs of age-old traditions, beauty, luxury and comfort.

Features of the style.

  1. Restraint with elements of luxury are the main differences of the direction.
  2. An overabundance of decor, furniture, flashy shades is not acceptable.
  3. Calm colors, close to natural shades, prevail. In moderation, silver and gold are appropriate.
  4. When designing a design, one should strive to maintain symmetry and correct proportions.
  5. Natural materials are used in the design.

Neoclassicism in the interior looks great in spacious rooms with high ceilings. Emphasizes the wealth of the owner.

Apartment design in the style of neoclassic

Neoclassical kitchen

The kitchen has a special place in the house. The setting should inspire food preparation. Promote a comfortable meal. K uhnya in the neoclassical stylebright and spacious. A large room can be zoned using warm and cold colors. The working area is combined with the dining room. Preference is for the matte texture of the facades. Natural or artificial stone countertops. The flooring is parquet, decking, tiles, porcelain stoneware. The walls are finished with Venetian plaster, painted with paint, wallpaper is glued. Linen, jacquard, silk curtains are hung on the windows. Plain or finely patterned. Textiles will give the room a homey feel. The upholstery of chairs and sofas should be in harmony with the decoration of the windows. Furniture is arranged in such a way that there is enough free space. The kitchen is equipped with the latest household appliances. It is necessary to maintain a balance so that there are equal parts of old and modern parts.

Neoclassical bedroom

Neoclassical bedroom design has the following characteristics:

  • comfortable, functional environment;
  • calm tones;
  • expensive decoration.

A neoclassical bedroom looks romantic, elegant, peaceful. Filled with an atmosphere of tranquility. Promotes good rest. Natural wood flooring will give the room a luxurious look. Bright decor elements will bring warmth to the space. The main thing is to observe the measure in accentuating details. The windows are covered with curtains made of dense natural fabric. Furniture is arranged symmetrically around the bed. Use only necessary small items. The neoclassical interior does not tolerate crowding. There must be a lot of space. The neoclassical style in the interior involves a lot of lighting. The luminaires are placed at different heights to illuminate each decor element. They use sconces, table lamps.

Neoclassical bathroom

The bathroom is equipped with modern fixtures. Mixers are used in copper, bronze, gold execution. The ostentatious luxury is present, but in small quantities.

A neoclassical bathroom should include geometric elements: rectangular slabs, cube-shaped cabinet furniture, herringbone parquet. The presence of classic elements:

  • brass handles, glass inserts for cupboards;
  • carved legs in furniture, graceful supports.

Neoclassical hallway

Particular attention should be paid to the hallway. After all, this room is the first to be seen by guests at the entrance to the house. An entrance hall in the neoclassical style will allow you to plunge into the atmosphere of discreet luxury and comfort. Niches with spotlights fit perfectly. Furniture should reflect wealth, meet the requirements of neoclassicism. Huge mirrors with frames, open hangers, soft ottomans look great. An apartment in the neoclassical style can be complemented by arches, sculptures. The high ceiling will be decorated with a crystal chandelier with pendants. Marble flooring will emphasize the status of the property owner. The ceiling is made in the form of a stretch or suspended structure. It can be in several levels.

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