Provence style in interior design

Provence style in interior design is a cozy and romantic direction, ideal for decorating small apartments and country houses. It was born in France in the small town of Provence, for which it received such a name. The direction personifies the local flavor, spirit, way of life and way of life, which in combination looks surprisingly gentle and comfortable.

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What is Provence style?

What is Provence style? The trend is also called “French country”, and it can add peace and harmony, warmth and light, the romance of rural life and sophistication to the interior.

Provence is a style with the following features:

  • pastel, muted, natural colors in the design;
  • light walls with decor: paintings or flowers;
  • bright textiles with a floral pattern, presented in abundance;
  • forged elements as graceful additions;
  • large windows with draperies.

Provence style requires minimalism and some “coldness”. It was created historically. It is hot and sunny in the homeland of the destination, so people sought to achieve an environment conducive to artificial cooling.

Provence style in the interior of the apartment

Provence style in the interior of an apartment is a space for creativity. Everyone is accustomed to the need for zoning space, but in “French country” this condition is not necessary to fulfill. Everything is based on the principles of freedom, so partitions may be missing. Zoning is done through furniture, finishes, accessories and curtains. If partitions are supposed, then it is better that the rooms are compact.

Plaster or paint is often used for walls. Moreover, roughness and irregularities are not hidden, but even emphasized. It is permissible to use brickwork, stucco, frieze or natural stone inserts as a wall covering. Decor items – bright inserts that emphasize the charm of the design.

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Provence style with a photo requires light or whitewashed plank floors, parquet or tiles. Scuff marks are welcome. It is better to give windows and doors an aged look, choose forged fittings. Floral painting or stained-glass windows are responsible for the uniqueness.

The furniture looks neat and light. Mostly it is bleached or lightened with paint. Legs can be carved or curved. Aging of products or decor using decoupage technique is acceptable. Objects should solve not only functional, but also decorative tasks.

One of the main roles is assigned to textiles. Naturalness is especially important. Muslin, chintz, linen, wool, cotton are ideal. The patterns on the fabrics in the room design must match exactly. Plants are usually preferred, but check and stripe are also acceptable. You can add sentimentality with knitted, embroidered or hand-made rugs.

Natural light is equally important. There should be artificial light too. You can use spotlights, lights, chandeliers, sconces and floor lamps. All products should be antique-styled.

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