Scandinavian style in the interior of your home

Scandinavian style is an abundance of natural light entering the room through large windows, where there are often no curtains. The building is warm and spacious. A small amount of furniture standing in its designated places should provide maximum practicality for the owners.

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Scandinavian kitchen style brings northern freshness to the interior

The Scandinavian style of the kitchen is distinguished by the presence of only light tones in it, giving a feeling of comfort, cleanliness, which is loved by the hostesses. There are simple rules for decorating Scandinavian cuisine.

  1. Minimalism. This creates a feeling of free space. A person gets rid of everything that is superfluous: furniture, equipment, dishes.
  2. Shine. The often gloomy, gray weather of the northern countries requires, in contrast to it, to install in the house a set of all kinds of chandeliers, floor lamps, sconces, and organize spot lighting.
  3. Contrast. To emphasize the whiteness of the kitchen, a small amount of deep color contrast is used. But he must not remove the “magic” of the Scandinavians.
  4. Naturalness. This is reflected in the materials used in the manufacture of furniture, in the simplicity of its forms. There are no plastic items here: the floor is wooden, the countertop is made of stone, and natural plants create incredible comfort.

The Scandinavian-style kitchen looks very simple, but with a well-thought-out interior layout, in which the occupied space is justified and fulfills its specific function. It does not welcome utensils placed in plain sight – everything is hiding.

Scandinavian bedroom style - elegance, simplicity, comfort

The Scandinavian style of the bedroom is aesthetics, a neutral palette of shades at the heart of the interior, a minimum of details combined with intricate designs. By the use of natural materials, the interior is similar to the loft style.

The design features of the bedroom are:

  • the use of different materials: wood with a beautiful volumetric pattern, copper parts for fittings, original masonry, placement of a decorative fur bedding on the floor;
  • the presence of simple luminaires suspended from the ceiling;
  • wooden bed frame, swinging on special mounts, hovering above the floor, it is possible to use a rigid base, for the manufacture of which natural materials are taken;
  • contrasting, catchy textiles designed to dilute Scandinavian cool shades.

There is no plastic, few glasses and mirrors. Attractiveness is created by simple and natural objects. The ceilings are evenly plastered or painted in light colors. For flooring, parquet or laminate is taken, completely imitating the structure of a tree. There are no unnecessary details on the walls: shelves, paintings.

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The Scandinavian style in the interior is distinguished by the presence of natural materials: beautiful stones, wood products, clay. Indoors should have a variety of potted plants. They can also be found in the bathroom, where they create a cozy and fresh atmosphere. When decorating walls, ceilings and floors, shades are used that best match natural colors. In Scandinavian houses there are no piles, unnecessary storage rooms for storing old things.

Scandinavian interior style in your home

The Scandinavian style of the interior is distinguished by the use of light natural materials found in the surrounding world, by the presence of plant themes.

Scandinavian-style home decoration must be made taking into account the following factors:

  • for walls it is worth using: white paint, wallpaper, brickwork, plaster with a rough texture;
  • if zoning of the room is necessary, boards, plaster with embossed patterns, cork wallpaper and with a colored print, with a color that is not very prominent and conspicuous, are used so that it gives a person a positive mood;
  • for the floor, parquet is taken, laminate, convenient for laying, beautiful tiles, with floral patterns applied on it, a plank, specially aged floor, giving the surface a slightly vintage look; for the Scandinavian style in the interior of the kitchen, it is advisable to use ceramic tiles and carelessly made rugs;
  • the ceiling is made simple, you cannot overload the premises with unnecessary design techniques.

The Scandinavian-style interior is quite comfortable and cheap to arrange. There is no need to come up with multi-tiered ceilings, choose silk or textured wallpapers, or come up with unusual shades. Everything is quite simple and easy – only natural materials, light colors and absolutely no frills.

In a Scandinavian interior, pieces of furniture without unnecessary elements

The fewer pieces of furniture you put in your home, including your Scandinavian kitchen, the better.

To give the rooms lightness and spaciousness, it is worth purchasing products with glass inserts. Here are a few guidelines for choosing furniture for different areas of your home:

  • for a Scandinavian-style bedroom, the following are suitable: a bed, a simple design of bedside tables and wardrobes, floor lamps, an ottoman and wooden chairs;
  • in the Scandinavian style, the kitchen needs to be equipped with a table, suitable chairs, standard furniture for placing dishes, appliances built into special niches;
  • for a Scandinavian-style living room, it is worth buying a sofa, a small table, a comfortable chair, a rocking chair, a curbstone, an eclectic wall made of wood;
  • in the nursery you need to put a table, crib, high chair, wardrobe;
  • for the Scandinavian style of the bathroom, the presence of wooden products is inherent: a compact cabinet, shelves, a comfortable bench;
  • in the hallway of the Scandinavian style, you only need to install a good hanger, a stand for storing shoes.

Choose lightweight portable and movable furniture items that will allow you to change the atmosphere in the room, update the annoying interior.

Scandinavian style in the photo

You can create a Scandinavian style yourself, and photos taken by the best designers in the world will help you. For this, there are numerous catalogs that anyone can get acquainted with on the Internet.

Experts identify 5 areas that require finishing, color matching and the use of additional decorative elements. Giving preference to the Scandinavian style for the home, it is worth:

  • apply decorative wall decoration;
  • use art objects;
  • arrange additional lighting;
  • apply textiles made by hand;
  • create original compositions from various plants.

The Scandinavian style is a worldview, customs, the power of nature, which gives a person strength and peace, creates a calm, comfortable, healthy atmosphere. To do the right Scandinavian style in the interior, you should look at the photo and choose the best option for yourself. Try to give preference to lightness, harmony with nature, the world around you!

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