Marine style in the interior

Marine style in the interior - an opportunity to make the space lighter, more free, airy. Each room is easy to decorate with this design, transforming into a piece of paradise. The nautical-style interior is quite economical, its creation is acceptable for any budget.

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Marine interior: main features

The marine interior is distinguished by a bright stylistic idea, characteristic features that are immediately noticeable. A room in a nautical style is always airy, spacious, so the abundance of details is a taboo. We need items necessary for functionality, comfort.

Decor in a nautical style

Decor in a nautical style – little things that can emphasize the comfort of the environment.

  1. Wallpaper in a marine style: woody, striped, with the image of the ocean.
  2. Marine-style curtains: weightless, translucent, alternatively blinds.
  3. Bed linen in a nautical style – in the colors of the direction, with drawings.
  4. Chandelier in a nautical style: laconic, themed.
  5. Bathtub in a nautical style.
  6. The rest of the decor is “marine style”: shells, steering wheel, anchors.

Bedroom, living room, nursery in a marine style

Living room, bedroom, nursery in a marine style are created with similar features. It is important to decide on a suitable color scheme (mainly light colors in combination with brown, blue, purple blotches), to choose the required furniture.

A bedroom, living room, children’s room in a nautical style is often represented by one themed wall, where the ocean, waves, steering wheels, ships or the underwater world are drawn. The ceiling is usually monochromatic, complemented by the image of clouds.

Children’s furniture in a marine style – safe, reliable, simple. Used wooden furnishings. Upholstery – linen, cotton, canvas fabric, matting. Often they use items of the ship type.

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Marine style kitchen

The marine style kitchen is laconic, functional and comfortable. It is worth adhering to the following rules:

  • simple shapes of the kitchen set;
  • an apron in warm colors with drawings of inhabitants or objects of the underwater world;
  • textiles in light colors, with ruffles;
  • it is appropriate to use textures from seashells, pebbles, shells, corals;
  • clay dishes.

The preferred colors are white, blue, brown. All tones used are cold. Moreover, blue is used in all undertones, white is predominantly pure, occasionally milk, caramel, beige are used. A combination with purple, dark green is acceptable.

Marine style additionally requires warm contrasts for completeness of design, atmosphere: details in yellow, creamy, red tones. It is unacceptable to use multicomponent tones, complexity.

They use familiar objects, but thematic design. The kitchen stylized as a sandy beach, shore, a villa on the coast, a wardroom, the bottom of the ocean looks interesting. The choice of decor should be careful, as its excess overloads the environment.

Bathtub in nautical style

The nautical-style bathroom pleases with its spaciousness. The main design principle is contrast. A bathroom in a nautical style requires the use of natural materials for decoration: wood, stone, cork, sandstone, canvas.

A nautical-style bathroom design necessarily requires thematic patterns:

  • strips;
  • clouds;
  • waves;
  • fish;
  • anchors.

The direction helps to create a laconic, maximum comfortable space, decorated thematically. It is always recognizable, bright and cozy.

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