Shabby chic style: why it is popular among designers

What is shabby style

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Shebi chic in the interior: how to recognize it

The founder of this design, Rachel Asheville, inadvertently created what is now called shabby chic . She just started making things that looked beautiful in the decoration of the room. Namely, she wiped the surface of the furniture, creating a scuff effect that relieves the tension of ideal objects, makes the atmosphere more pleasant.

The style is recognized instantly if you know its specifics and main differences. Even the name itself can be translated as “shabby shine”, which gives an understanding:

  • in this style, scuffs are necessarily applied, there are no uniform tones;
  • the presence of echoes from some other stylistics (Rocco, Victorian);
  • the shades used to create the interior remain in light and muted colors;
  • application in the design of various types of textiles: blankets, pillows, rugs;
  • curved lines, many details and pretentiousness.

A distinctive feature of the interior is also the presence of a large number of fresh flowers. Roses are preferable, but others are also suitable.

Shabby style rooms design


The lightness and harmony of the furnishings of the bedroom in the style of shebi chic allows you to enjoy a complete rest. Such a room is distinguished not only by a light shade, but also by:

  1. The authenticity of the furniture, its design and style.
  2. Lack of modern models of beds, wardrobes and pedestals, as they did not “stand” enough.
  3. Romantic patterns on walls, furniture and carpet, in other details.
  4. Lack of mixtures with extraneous styles, this is not allowed

It can be difficult to see Shabby chic in the interior , but the main thing that helps to understand is the vague echoes of the “grandmother’s” house, decorated with textiles, patterns, and pastel colors.


The place where people eat is often visited due to the fact that there you can cook, drink tea, communicate with guests, relax and recharge your batteries for the day. And a lot depends on the situation here.

For a chebi chic kitchen to become a place of power, it is worth taking care of the presence of handmade decor. It is complemented by vintage pieces of furniture, themed fabric decorations and items.

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What furniture to choose

Separately, it is worth dwelling on which furniture is better to buy when creating shabby chic furniture . They don’t have to be new wardrobes with modern touches and perfect surfaces. Even if you apply a primer and wipe it off, you will not be able to achieve the desired effect.


If parents want to make the whole apartment in one style, then the shabby chic nursery will look almost more profitable than the rest. After all, textiles, light colors and natural materials are always needed.

Shabby chic interior

In the interior of shabby chic, you can make do-it- yourself decor. This is a quality product, pleasing to the eye, so that it can be seen that they put their soul into the work.


If the owners of the house like to impress guests, then the Shabby chic hallway will be their highlight. This design of the room is amazing and leaves a pleasant imprint on the whole house. You can put a large vintage mirror or place a bedside table with a soft ottoman inside instead of a bench.

A shabby chic apartment can be a place for a comfortable rest after a working day, a way to relieve stress and improve your well-being. To achieve such an effect, you just need to focus not on beauty, but on the rules for working with this style. It is slightly unusual in performance, but this is the highlight – the gaze “clings” to attractive things, and the soul rests.

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