Victorian style

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Decorating the Victorian interior

Victorian style is considered one of the most recognizable interiors in the world. . Its characteristic features are graceful quality and luxury. There are no ridiculous color combinations or unnecessary flashy details. Compared to others, the decoration of the room is distinguished by noble colors, high-quality materials for decoration. They don’t have to be cheap, poor quality with dirty colors.

Each room of the house has its own decoration: an office, a home library – gothic, for ladies, boudoirs – rococo, kitchens, corridors – oriental. It combines a Scottish plaid and floral pattern on the curtains.

The main elements of this design are:

  • fusion of styles: Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance;
  • impeccable quality combined with the traditions of antiquity;
  • the obligatory presence of brown and burgundy;
  • straight and arched lines;
  • interior elements: a large number of knickknacks;
  • the presence of many plants in the rooms;
  • arrangement of a fireplace, library;
  • arched, rectangular, gothic windows;
  • massive doors in the form of a rectangle, trimmed with brass.

Victorian interior – expensive and solid finishes.

The walls are plastered and decorated with fabrics, striped or floral wallpaper. A complex image resembling a bas-relief can be applied.

The floors are covered with parquet or laminate, in the kitchen and bathroom – ceramic tiles. An additional decoration on the floor is an oriental carpet with a floral ornament.

Beamed ceiling made of precious wood, beautiful stucco molding is possible. Lighting is mainly tabletop and floor lamps with fabric shades.

Decorating a Victorian home

When decorating a Victorian home, there are several features worth paying attention to:

  • the facade and roof should be in rich colors that do not hurt the eyes;
  • roof tiles are laid;
  • the facade is finished with any materials with a diverse decor;
  • the roof is multistage, with many kinks;
  • narrow windows around the perimeter of the house;
  • there is a porch, a terrace with a pillar roof.

Such a house creates the feeling that other rooms were attached to the former building, forming a structure of a complex configuration.

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Victorian style in the apartment

Victorian style

The Victorian style in the apartment prefers soft colors without bright and catchy things.

For curtains, heavy silk or beautiful velvet is used, for pillows, furniture covers – dense chintz with a floral print.

How to choose Victorian furniture

Victorian living room

In the Victorian style, furniture is selected in large volume, massive, wood is decorated with carvings, thick upholstery on upholstered furniture. Chests of drawers, voluminous antique chests, large clocks installed on the floor are actual items for a modern room.

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