Vintage style: furnishing the house according to the rules

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Vintage style in the interior: home decoration features

Vintage style in home improvement is preferred by collectors, people who gravitate towards the past centuries. These houses look like a throwback to the past, with a modern touch. The task of the designer is to create the atmosphere of the old times with the help of a headset, furnishings. In order for the room to have a finished look, it is better to contact a specialist who can correctly beat the idea, select the appropriate details.

It is customary to play up the vintage style in the interior , combining it with modern trends and technologies. The main thing is to follow the specifics of the direction:

  1. Antiques must be present. Everyone over 30 falls into this category. Therefore, it is important to first determine what period of time should be adhered to, to determine the idea.
  2. Antique finish. It will take a long time to find the right materials or furniture. Or age them yourself.
  3. Use muted, as if faded tones. Most often pale pink, beige, gray, white, light blue, golden. This applies to everything: furnishings, wall cladding, floors, textiles.
  4. Simplicity in everything. For walls, paper wallpapers with floral patterns are most often chosen. Or they are painted in a solid color. Areas of open brickwork or time-worn plaster look harmoniously. For the floor, use tiles, parquet with a clear pattern.

To get authenticity, it is enough to find just a few bright elements, beat them, mix with a close direction. It can be classic, shabby chic, provence, grunge.

Decorating an apartment in vintage style

Living room decoration

The main thing is that the vintage decor is consistent with the chosen idea. For example, there is a sofa in the style of the 60s. You will have to find chairs and pedestals of the same time for him. A table made of natural wood will complement the entourage. Particular attention is paid to symmetry. For example: 2 floor lamps, 2 mirrors.

Vintage kitchen

When decorating a kitchen in a vintage style, it is necessary to hide the modern technology, while maintaining its functionality. Here juiciness of shades, an abundance of elements are allowed. The cladding can be plain or patterned.

Bedrooms in vintage style

Here it is necessary to create a muted, romantic atmosphere with the help of lighting. Vintage-style bedrooms are decorated in pastel colors with an abundance of textiles. Ruffles, canopy, volumetric curtains are allowed.

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Vintage decor: decoration in detail

To create a harmonious vintage atmosphere in the interior, you should adhere to simple rules:

  • the presence of plant, floral patterns;
  • abrasion of surfaces: furniture, floor, walls, doors;
  • an abundance of decorative accessories;
  • wallpapers that will help to recreate the era;
  • natural materials;
  • dense textiles, massive mirrors and chandeliers.

This direction is suitable for those who prefer lightness and flair of romance.

Choosing vintage furniture

Choosing furniture for the vintage style , they focus on bright colors and non-standard shapes. Even having one item, you can beat it correctly. If you can’t find something with your history, you can buy something new and give it a touch of antiquity.

It doesn’t take a lot of money to decorate rooms in vintage style . It will take more time to find parts and accessories.

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