Tips on how to hide the boiler in the bathroom, and how to hide the gas boiler

The creation of interior design is an important process that includes labor-intensive processes, while it is necessary to have knowledge, experience, and provide a modern approach.

Questions such as hiding the boiler in the kitchen, how to hide the refrigerator in the closet, and many other important points are of no small importance .

Ergonomic design

Ergonomic design implies a comfortable, practical, functional interior. In this case, the emphasis is placed not only on appearance, but also on maximum convenience. You should be aware that this convenience is calculated for certain people who live in a particular apartment or house. When choosing an ergonomic design , their preferences are definitely taken into account.

Эргономичный дизайн

Photo Tips on how to hide a boiler in the bathroom, and how to hide a gas boiler

How to hide a boiler in the bathroom

In order not to depend on constant outages of hot water, there is an option to install a water heater. Most often, this equipment is placed in a bathroom or toilet. Having bought such a device, they begin to think about how to hide the boiler in the bathroom . Often, frame systems, furniture, various design techniques, and architectural elements are used for camouflage. All the same techniques can be successfully applied in the event that a dilemma arises of how to hide the boiler in the toilet .

For those who do not know how to hide a boiler in the bathroom , the best designers offer different possibilities. Among the most simple and easy-to-implement options are such camouflages as blinds over the bathroom, a mezzanine over a door with doors or shutters, or a cabinet under a washbasin.

To the question of how to hide the boiler over the toilet , you can answer that for this you need to design everything from the beginning. You can go in several ways: order a cabinet for the device, sew it up with drywall, independently assemble a cabinet from scrap materials, think about building a niche. The latter option is relevant if the area of ​​the room allows this, since additional space is required.

In any case, if you are interested in ergonomic design, how to hide the boiler is a matter of paramount importance. It is important to take a responsible approach to the selection of a suitable place, the subsequent arrangement. As a result, the creation of the interior design will be correct – the product will not be visible, at the same time free access will be provided to it, and in general, the harmony of the interior will be observed.

Как спрятать бойлер в ванной

Photo Installation of a hidden boiler in the bathroom.

How to hide a refrigerator in a closet

Those who carefully think over the design of their kitchen are probably familiar with the problem when the refrigerator does not fit into the interior in any way. There can be many reasons – to stand out strongly against the background of the main design or not fit into a number of neat cabinets with its bulkiness. At the same time, all arising problems can be solved by the refrigerator built into the cabinet. Among the advantages of such a choice, one can note the noiselessness, invisibility, and the economy achieved due to the thermal insulation of the cabinet walls.

Before you hide the refrigerator in the closet , you need to think carefully about everything, calculate in detail the place, its location in space. It is recommended to take care of the box in advance, even in the process of designing a kitchen set. Thanks to this, it will not be necessary to then look for materials that fit well into the overall style.

Having decided to the end how to hide the refrigerator , you can achieve a single interior composition. Today, there are many options for implementing this idea.

If you do not know how to hide the refrigerator , you can always turn to real professionals in their field for help.

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Photo How to hide the refrigerator

How to hide a washing machine in the bathroom

If there is no suitable room for placing a washing machine, then a bathroom will be a great option. As practice shows, not all people like to leave the washing process in plain sight. Professional designers know how to hide a washer in the bathroom . For these purposes, there are many options – behind decorative panels, mirrors, curtains, doors.

Often a sink is installed above the washing machine. On the one hand, it is very convenient, on the other hand, it is a fairly simple, quickly implementable solution. It is an economical, practical option if the bathroom is small. Tabletops covering the washing machine can be of different sizes, designs, colors.

Regardless of what decision is ultimately made, it is desirable to combine aesthetics and convenience when planning a design. It is especially difficult to do this in the bathroom, because there are many devices, equipment, various not always aesthetic objects. It is at this moment that the question arises of how to hide the washing machine in the bathroom . The designers of the NSDgroup company have extensive experience in this area, therefore they will be happy to help you beautifully, aesthetically, functionally, and practically organize the bathroom space.

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Photo How to hide a washing machine in the bathroom

How to hide a gas boiler in the kitchen

A gas boiler in the kitchen is a useful element that makes it possible to significantly save on energy resources. However, when the idea of ​​making repairs arises, many questions arise about the arrangement of the kitchen space. At the same time, many begin to think about how to hide a gas boiler in the kitchen . Equipment masking is most often necessary for the reason that the speaker does not always fit well into the interior.

It is especially difficult to decide how to hide a floor-standing gas boiler in the kitchen . As a rule, the problem is solved through the intervention of qualified personnel. There are different ways, it all depends on the type of equipment, the wishes of the customers.

It is important to remember that when camouflaging gas equipment, it is worth not only choosing the appropriate option, taking into account the design solution, but also taking into account the existing standards. Safety in the use of gas equipment is achieved by observing the operating rules. But don’t think that nothing can be done from an aesthetic point of view. In fact, different methods are distinguished, it remains only to decide for yourself which one you like best. Employees of the company will be happy to advise what and when to choose.

Regardless of whether you do not know how to hide a boiler in the bathroom or how to hide a gas boiler , contacting a specialized company NSDgroup, you will get the result you are dreaming of. The best is just for you.

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