Types of foundations for a private house

Construction involves impressive time and money, since in the process of performing work, the smallest details should be taken into account, especially when it comes to the foundation of the entire building. This stage will determine how durable the result will be. If you make the wrong choice of the foundation of the house, there may be a lot of problems in the future that are difficult to solve.

What are the types of foundations for a private house

There are several types of foundations that differ among themselves according to various criteria, have their own indisputable advantages and certain disadvantages. The choice should be made based on the desired type of building, taking into account the number of storeys and the need for the construction of additional facilities. Let’s take a closer look at the main characteristics of the foundation.

The foundation of a one-story house

Structures in one floor have a relatively lower weight, so you can choose a simpler type of foundation, which involves the least financial expenses and will ensure the completion of the work in the shortest possible period. Due to the presence of a solid foundation for a one-story house, the building will last for a long period. It is possible to use a strip type of foundation for the house, which is very popular with customers.

A solid foundation for a two-story house

A frequent question is what kind of foundation is needed to build a two-story house (using aerated concrete). Before starting work, it is important for contractors to determine the depth of laying, therefore, you should know the type of soil, the characteristics and depth of groundwater lying on the site for the construction of the future house. In order to find out the depth at which the foundation should be laid, you should initially decide on the type of soil that is available in the selected area.

The soil can vary in volume depending on various factors, including weather conditions. Based on this, soils are divided into several types:

  1. Abundant (sandstones).
  2. Non-rocky (semi-rocky and rocky).
  3. Weakly rocky (gravelly sands).

Therefore, before proceeding directly to the construction, you should order geological studies, during which specialists will receive samples. Further, it will be possible to find out at what distance the waters are, heaving and the likelihood of subsidence during operation. Also, an important role is played by the seismicity indicators of the region in which construction works are carried out.

Loads are also part of the fundamental criteria that will need to be considered in the selection process for the most appropriate option. The load will depend on the weight of the load-bearing walls, partitions erected and even furniture. The supporting area of ​​the foundation also plays an important role, because the pressure exerted on the ground will depend on it. The determination of the support area is carried out taking into account the weight of the foundation and the area of ​​the support. It is important to consider that the lower the pressure readings, the better, which is quite natural. However, in order to increase the width of the foundation, you will need to spend a large amount of money. When choosing a foundation, preference should be given to those varieties that can withstand an impressive weight. That is, the choice should be made between the slab type and the pile type.

Foundation for a house with a basement

What is the best foundation for your home? If you want to use the territory to the maximum, that is, not only build a two-story structure, but also get a third floor in the form of a basement as a bonus, you should take into account all possible risks. In fact, there are many advantages of such a solution from a practical point of view, because the basement floor allows you to place a workshop or, for example, billiards here. However, when building the foundation for a house where a basement is planned, not only the most careful calculation will be required, but also significant financial investments. It is important to provide reliable protection for the underground space. Loads are transferred from the walls to the ground. Therefore, an important role is played by engineering verification, which will allow you to find out all the nuances of the soil in a specific area, which will allow you to choose the most optimal option.

The construction of a foundation for a house made of aerated concrete involves several stages of work:

  1. Carrying out preparatory work, including leveling the required area.
  2. Implementation of the layout of the plan of the future house.
  3. Excavation work involving the excavation of a foundation pit and the transportation of the earth.
  4. Construction robots, floor installation and wall erection.
  5. Construction of drainage structures and provision of waterproofing.
  6. Building insulation.
  7. Carrying out interior decoration.

The main types of foundations

Among the classic types of foundations used for a private house, there are several that have certain nuances and sequence of work. In order to be able to decide, we recommend that you familiarize yourself in more detail with the main characteristics and quality features of each of them.

Tape type of foundation for building a house

Often it is preferred when it is necessary to build small objects. Among the advantages, it is necessary to highlight the presence of solid walls, which means that it can be used for walls of basements and basement rooms. A strip foundation for a brick house is not the best choice, because it will not always be able to withstand the load and weight imposed on it. As a result, cracks may form on the walls and the appearance of any other shortcomings, due to which the building will be unsuitable for further operation and recognized as being in an emergency condition. This type of foundation is better suited for a wooden house.

Slab foundation

This is a so-called floating base, since the load is evenly distributed. When erecting a foundation for a house from a gas block, it is supposed to pull out a pit of the required size, after which a reinforced belt is arranged. Plates often have excellent load-bearing capacity and high strength characteristics. This foundation for a wooden house is unjustified.

Pile foundation

The presented type of foundation can be built on driven, screw and bored piles. Depending on this, the construction process changes. Structures of the first type are used in the construction of buildings using materials such as concrete and brick. It is possible to carry out construction work in different areas. Driven piles are in the form of supports that are resistant to impressive loads and are as reliable as possible. The construction of bored piles involves the drilling of handicraft or industrial wells.

Column foundation

This type assumes the distribution of supports along the entire perimeter of the building, the construction of which is supposed to be. It can be of two types ¾ prefabricated and monolithic. The construction of buildings is carried out using bricks or FBS blocks. The fundamental principle, which should be taken into account without fail, is the obligatory rubble laying with further bandaging of the seams. What is the best foundation to choose for building a house

Let’s take a closer look at which bases are better suited for the construction of a particular building, taking into account the number of storeys and other nuances.

The foundation for a frame house

A predominantly columnar type foundation for a frame house is constructed if the construction of a house is planned using a bar. An important advantage of this type of foundation is its democratic cost. Construction work is expected in an area that is not prone to swelling and movement. The foundation for a frame house is elevated, a mandatory criterion is a height of at least half a meter. The depth of laying a columnar foundation for a frame house directly depends on the characteristics of the soil. The space that is located under the house is necessarily obstructed through the use of slate, plywood panels, after which a brick is laid or left in the open.

Aerated concrete house foundation

This is a versatile material that is quite often used in the construction of objects, both residential and industrial. Quite often, builders choose the construction of a slab foundation, since it is able to withstand more significant loads. Thanks to the large area slab, the load is distributed from the center to the edges as evenly as possible. As a result, the likelihood of revealing all kinds of shortcomings during operation, such as cracks and displacement of walls, is excluded, after which the house cannot be used in the future.

Foundation for a house made of foam blocks

Foam blocks are a fairly light building material. Due to the correct calculation of the foundation for a foam block house, it is possible to obtain a structure that is characterized by a low static load. Thanks to this, you can give preference to lightweight foundation options. It should be borne in mind that the construction of a heavy foundation will only lead to unnecessary work, which is not justified from a practical point of view.

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