Until when can you make repairs in Ukraine

When starting to equip or change personal apartments, it is important to know until when you can make repairs in Ukraine . Knowing the rules and laws will help you avoid quarrels with neighbors and law enforcement agencies. The desire to bring the apartment to its ideal form in the shortest possible time often turns the lives of other people into a nightmare.

The law of the country states that repair work in the apartment is allowed to be carried out from 8:00 to 22:00. The ban is set for other reasons for the rumble:

The Civil Code clearly states how much noise you can make in an apartment in Ukraine. You can get acquainted with this rule in article 24 of the Civil Code. Repairing a residential building or shouting after 10 pm will result in an administrative penalty or a fine of three hundred hryvnias.

До скольки можно делать ремонт в Украине

To avoid trouble, it is better to bypass the neighbors in advance, and warn about the construction activities. It is necessary to discuss the regulations with the tenants and find out how much noise can be made in the apartment so that a working drill or puncher does not cause problems.

What time can the repair be done?

If the tenants of the house are people whose profession is night duty, then choosing the time for construction activities, you need to take into account the law. Many are interested in what time repairs can be made so as not to disturb anyone? The country’s legislation establishes that repair equipment (drill, perforator, hammer) cannot be used until 8 o’clock in the morning. You should also take into account the desires of a neighbor who wants to rest and sleep after a night of work.

In order not to spoil relations with the residents of the entrance, it is better to ask in advance when you can make repairs. Neighbors with children should be treated with respect. If a woman asks you to wait an hour or two and not drill so that the child sleeps, you shouldn’t shout that the law is on your side. Use this time for other activities that do not require a drill or hammer, such as wallpapering or tiling .

До скольки можно делать ремонт в Украине

Also, in the country’s legislation, several situations are highlighted when it is possible to make repairs in an apartment and other noisy manipulations.

  1. The work of emergency services in a situation of an accident or other incident.
  2. Prevention of emergency situations and to eliminate fire risks that pose a threat to life and damage to housing and savings.
  3. Carrying out difficult tasks using noisy technology.
  4. Health care.
  5. Active work of law enforcement agencies.

All rumble events must be negotiated or approved with local authorities.

How long can you make repairs

Many people are interested in how many hours it is possible to make repairs? Every second resident of a high-rise building faced a situation when a neighbor at 6-7 in the morning began to drill with a drill.

До скольки можно делать ремонт в Украине

There are several subspecies of premises that are classified as protected. They require a silence routine:

When planning to restore an apartment so as not to quarrel with the tenants of the house, it is important to familiarize yourself in detail with the rule: from how many hours to how many hours you can make repairs.

All objects mentioned above are inviolable premises. They have sanitary requirements that relate to noise performance. It is forbidden to hum, shout, turn on music, loudspeakers, blow up pyrotechnics and fireworks at these facilities.

Until what time can you make repairs

The finishing works in the apartments can be carried out at any time. Time limits are imposed only on actions that cause crashing. To this subgroup, the use of a punch, drill, hammer. The laws of the country clearly indicate until which hour repairs can be made:

  1. Article 24 – “Ensuring the sanitary and epidemic well-being of the people of the country.”
  2. Article 9 – “Principles of Operation of Premises, Residential Buildings and Dormitories”.

The question until how long it is possible to make repairs in an apartment according to the law of Ukraine is of interest to many citizens. If the city authorities have not made changes that relate to high-profile works, then noisy actions should end at 21:00 – 22:00. Up to ten hours it is allowed to perform various operations with a drill, hammer drill and other tools. It is important that the noise figure does not exceed 55 dB. After 9 pm and before 8 am, the noise level should not be more than 45 dB.

До скольки можно делать ремонт в Украине

In densely populated Kiev, its own norms have been established until what time it is possible to make repairs. Loud noise is not allowed after 7pm. The loudness index at midnight for residents of the capital should not exceed 30 dB, and at daytime – 40 dB. Daily norms can be discussed with the residents of the house, but first with the neighbors. If they agree, the specified limits are exceeded.

How to determine noise metrics?

In order to understand when it is impossible to make repairs in an apartment in Ukraine, you should understand the noise indicators . You can calculate the figure and summarize it using special equipment.

The table below shows approximate units. They are not accurate, but will help you understand the levels.

Sound options Approximate analogue of sound Level shown in dB
Quiet Whisper thirty
Audible Quiet conversation 35
Well audible Conversation Up to 45
Clearly audible Active conversation fifty
Noisy Loud conversation Up to 70
Noisy Screams, crying, loud laughter 75
Very noisy Motor roar, loud scream 85
Very noisy Underground carriage 90–95
Extremely noisy Lawn mower work, thunderclap 100

Is it possible to do renovations on weekends?

The question whether it is possible to make repairs on weekends and holidays is very relevant among the citizens of the country. According to the law, noisy work on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays should not exceed 45 dB. The rule is set for the entire 24 hours.

If you discuss all the details with the neighbors and get their consent, then construction work on weekends can be carried out, but until 19:00 – 20:00. The legislation states that it is forbidden to perform welding or other type of work on holidays. Therefore, go around everyone in advance and ask them to sign the application. It will confirm that the neighbors agree to the noisy work on the weekend. If the residents of the entrance are against any rumble on the weekend, this is their right, and you must take this into account.

Holidays are New Year, Christmas, March 8, Easter, Trinity, May 1 and 2, Victory Day, Constitution and Independence Days. If the repairs are not done by you, but by the neighbors, do not rush to call the police. After a week, the noise will end, and the good relationship will not recover quickly. It is better to contact the apartment owners and politely ask them to postpone the work. People often feel uncomfortable and accommodate.

До скольки можно делать ремонт в Украине

Photo @nsdgroup.com.ua_: Repair in the apartment

When all the arguments that relate to the law and repairs on weekends are not interested in the owner of the apartment, and he does not want to stop work, you need to start fighting. The signatures of tenants who do not like permissiveness are collected. You can record a video of illegal and unfair activity or audio recording, and contact the law enforcement agencies.

Law of Ukraine on silence in a multi-storey building

Unfortunately, not all citizens of the country who live in a high-rise building know how much noise you can make in Ukraine. Against this background, quarrels and misunderstandings often arise with neighbors and residents of the building. They begin to knock on the radiators or give other signals, indicating that the allowed noise level has been exceeded. But neighbors can silently endure the inconvenience, but then they refuse to communicate with the offender or simply call the police.

To avoid such situations, you should know the law of Ukraine on silence in a multi-storey building. Also, citizens should be aware of the consequences that await the offender. It is important to familiarize yourself with the following legal acts.

  1. An administrative offense act. This white paper contains provisions on disturbance and information that relates to penalties for the offender. This includes the seizure of equipment that caused the conflict. The act also shows time restrictions for installation work.
  2. Sanitary standards. Sound ratings (dB) are specified in this document. A rumble that has exceeded the established scale becomes unacceptable, and neighbors have the right to contact the appropriate authorities.
  3. Rules of residence in a high-rise building. This act states that the residents of the entrance must be treated with respect. Breaking the rules and unlawful behavior is prohibited by law.

The Law of Ukraine on Silence was adopted back in 1994, but has been amended since that time. After reading it, each resident will understand when it is possible to make repairs in the apartment , and at what hours you need to comply with the requirement of silence.

To avoid problems with tenants and legislation, order a turnkey apartment renovation . Experienced craftsmen comply with all regulations and rules that relate to the conduct of repair and construction work.

After reading the article, you will find out until what time can you make repairs + can you make repairs on weekends?

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