WestHouse residential complex in Kiev will help transform the interior of the apartment

Residential complex West House is a business-class residential complex. It is located in Kiev. It is considered one of the most popular. The complex is newly built. Everyone has the opportunity to choose the layout and interior of the apartment, and the construction company NSDgroup will help make repairs.

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Photo @nsdgroup.com.ua_: West House Residential complex

The residential complex is located in a quiet place where residents can forget about the sounds of highways. It is surrounded by nature. The size of the complex is 1 hectare. The developer has planned everything so that there is a round-the-clock security.

On the territory of Residential complex WestHouse a park, recreation area. There are benches, flashlights, entertainment and sports grounds. There is a high fence around the perimeter.

The complex consists of two buildings: 16 and 25-storey. Buyers can choose an apartment to their liking. They all differ in area, layout and number of rooms. There are also two-level rooms with large terraces.

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Photo @nsdgroup.com.ua_: West House Residential complex

People who have a high income and are accustomed to comfortable conditions can buy an apartment in a residential complex. The first floors will house pharmacies, banks, shops, beauty salons, cafes and other establishments. Residential complex West House Forum is filled with positive reviews about the buildings.

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Photo @nsdgroup.com.ua_: Apartment in the West House residential complex

Renovation and design of apartments Residential complex West House

Westhouse Residential complex provides apartment renovation and design services from NSDgroup. Real professionals work there who will fulfill any customer’s request. It has many advantages.

  1. The specialists work strictly according to the schedule. They know what deadlines are and do not break them.
  2. All actions are performed in stages. After each graduation, the customer has the opportunity to evaluate the work and pay for it.
  3. If the client is not satisfied with the quality of the repair, the staff will fix everything at their own expense. In this case, all wishes and requirements will be taken into account.
  4. Before starting work, a contract is concluded in which a fixed amount is written. It remains that way.
  5. Residential complex West House (Kiev) bears full financial responsibility. And also gives a guarantee for their work.
  6. The repairs are carried out by a qualified team with extensive experience. In this case, the participation of the customer is not required.
  7. Services of Residential complex West House, price which is low, are available to everyone.
  8. After the completed stage, the client receives a photo report for any messenger, as well as a receipt for the materials spent.

The cost of renovating a design depends on the type of premises, its area and the number of rooms. If a complete redevelopment is done, then it is more expensive.

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Photo @nsdgroup.com.ua_: Apartment renovation in the West House residential complex

The client has the opportunity to go to the WestHouse Residential complex forum , where he can view the portfolio, study information about the company and employees, read reviews, and ask questions of interest. West House has been engaged in apartment renovations and designs for more than 5 years, so the staff will provide the necessary information.

Reviews about WestHouse Residential complex are usually positive. The company cares about its customers as well as its reputation. Therefore, she makes repairs at the highest level, and, if necessary, is ready to compensate for losses.

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