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Where to start repairs - sequence, stages, recommendations

If you are wondering where to start the repair so that it takes a minimum of time, and the result evokes only positive emotions – this article is for you. For many, this process is associated with mountains of garbage, inconvenience and family quarrels. However, this rather difficult period can also bring positiveness and a sense of satisfaction. It is only necessary to correctly think over the sequence of repairs in stages. Let’s take a closer look at the experts’ recommendations. How to correctly organize and where to start repairs in an apartment or a country house?

Repair sequence

Thinking about where to start repairs, the first thing that comes to mind is planning the complexity and scale of the work being done. As well as the sequence of actions to be taken. If you want to freshen up your home, change the wallpaper, flooring, and so on, you can get by with cosmetic work. However, if it is necessary to radically change the appearance of the dwelling, or when a sequence of repairing an apartment from scratch is planned, capital work will be required. Make an estimate and decide on a budget for future work.

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So where does the renovation start ? The first step will be to clear the space of objects that may interfere with work. First, remove the furniture from the room or gather the furnishings in the central part of the room. Then cover the resulting structure of objects with plastic wrap. This frees up access to the ceiling and walls. Move expensive equipment and things to another room. Then you should decide on the design of the future housing. If renovation is planned in a new building , the sequence of work begins directly from the point of communication with the designer.

The territory has been vacated, the design has been chosen, where to start the renovation? The dirtiest work should be done first. Change windows, sills. If you planned to change the layout of an apartment or house, demolish unnecessary walls. Just do not forget to find out which of the partitions are load-bearing, and where the ventilation is located.

ремонт с чего начать

The sequence of repairing an apartment in a new building, as well as major repairs, involves the next stage of laying communications. It is necessary to install electrical wiring, lay the Internet cable, pipes. Then sound and heat insulation, interior partitions are mounted . Doorways are cut. Heating batteries are installed.

Below we will talk in detail about the sequence of repairing a room and the entire apartment. We will also analyze repairs from scratch in a new building, where to start, and what to consider in the first place.

Apartment renovation where to start – the main stages

When planning an apartment renovation, where to start the sequence of work, first of all, decide on the design of each room. Of course, it is best to consult an experienced professional. For the premises where the renovation work will be carried out, it is necessary to create 5 detailed sketches. One drawing is a top view of the room, the rest are each of its walls.

When drawing up drawings, do not forget to indicate:

Determine the required finishing option: wallpaper, painting. Those sections of the walls that catch your eye as much as possible should be given the most careful attention.

последовательность ремонта в новостройке

Then, when planning a renovation in an apartment, where to start, decide on the sequence of rooms. Experts recommend, first of all, to carry out work in rooms as far as possible from the front door. In this way it is possible to avoid unnecessary dust and dirt. At the end of the work, in order not to accidentally spoil the already existing finish, you need to choose the passage rooms, the corridor.

Decide how the apartment will be renovated from scratch, major or cosmetic – independently or with the help of specialists. The best solution would be to resort to the services of professionals. Their experience and qualifications allow prompt and high-quality performance of work. Also, you do not have to purchase expensive tools, without which it is impossible to lay tiles, fill the screed, etc. Even if the actions seem simple to you, the slightest deviation or inaccuracy is not allowed. It is better to immediately contact the professionals so that you do not have to redo and increase the cost of repairs.

Where to start renovating a room

If you are planning where to start renovating a room, you should also make a plan. It is necessary to start, as described above, with the preparation of an estimate, the choice of the design of the room. You also need to decide what kind of repairs to do – major or cosmetic. In the first version, the sequence of work will be as follows:

We looked at where to start renovating a room and the sequence of actions to be performed. Now let’s talk about finishing and capital works in private households.

Where to start repair the house

As a rule, having built a country cottage or a manor house, the owner plans to repair the house , where to start and the order of work to be performed. Here you also need to calculate future costs, choose a design. However, the owners of country houses, unlike people who need to renovate an apartment from scratch, can decide on the number and location of windows in order to increase the natural illumination of the premises.

ремонт своими руками с чего начать

Photo Home renovation

It is also worth considering installing a heating and air conditioning system. At the same time, it is necessary to perform a number of works related to drilling, gouging and making various kinds of recesses in the walls in order to end the dirtiest work and remove the resulting debris. Then the base for the floor is prepared, and communications are divorced. After that, there is a rough and fine finish of walls, slopes, and a ceiling. This is a rough summary of the sequence and advice on where to start your home renovation. By resorting to the help of professionals, you will not need to worry about the work performed, garbage collection, delivery of materials and other things.

Where to start a major overhaul of an apartment

You have decided to carry out a major overhaul of the apartment : where to start and what should be the algorithm of actions. It is better to involve specialists in this matter, since otherwise you will have to take on a huge amount of work, which requires experience and qualifications. For example, you will have to carry out electrical work, plaster, paint, change windows, be engaged in the cultivation of communications and a lot of other things.

So, let’s look at where to start a major overhaul of an apartment in the form of an algorithm.

  1. A design project is being created for the most accurate calculation of the work performed, the cost of building materials and other things. It is required to take into account the smallest details so that later you do not waste time and money on any forgotten tool or material.
  2. The required amount of building materials is calculated. It is recommended to purchase the latter with a margin of 10-12% of the total.
  3. Transportation costs are calculated: delivery of materials and garbage collection.
  4. The stage-by-stage repair actions are prescribed. A room is selected from which work will begin, and subsequent rooms.

There is a sequence of actions to be taken. For example, in a bathroom, a bathroom or a kitchen, it is impossible to start laying tiles until all communications have been divorced. If the quality and efficiency of the repair is in the first place for you, seek professional help.

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